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Jimmy_Beck post pls help

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  • Jimmy_Beck post pls help

    My nickname is Jimmy_Beck [AK] Someone pretended and left the clan. When I login nick Jimmy_Beck wrong password. Looking forward to help from the admins. My nick has 53000 cookies and 9k3 cake and 8k score. . ! Pls help me

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    Looks like this wasn't your account at first, and somewhat someone behind a proxy changed the password, also you were banned previously: Which apparently your alternative account, since i don't have data of your both registration so i'm not providing help here.
    Up to admin Eliteus if he agree for lvl 8+ admins to reset your password.
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      I know my previous mistakes. But I changed my behavior and I'm a good player. Everyone knows that. I just want to play server I love gamerx I expect eliteus will accept my change. Thank you sir


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        Start with a new account. Don't expect your account back.

        Ps. No you are not a good player after doing something like that only about 1 month ago. A good player doesn't call themself a good player.
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