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Rule 3.9.1

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  • Rule 3.9.1

    This may a small question, That Rule 3.9.1 is /sp and kill players is not allowed right? So my question is while a ManHunt Competition or When there is a /hit on player with lot of money, Can we /sp and kill them? Because While a man hunt isn't possible to find without /sp right? So tell me whether if it's allowed or not. Thanks.

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    There's no such thing written in that rule which allows us to /sp a guy with a manhunt to kill him. But i guess we should be allowed.


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      I think that /sp and kill should only be allowed for ManHunt and not for /hit as it can easily get abused.
      (Ex:I want to kill player named: X(69)
      Then i will first use /hit command on him > /sp him and kill him
      When any body asks why u r /sping and killing
      Ans: I had put heavy amount on him i wanted it back simple xD )


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        Aryan maybe it is allowed in man hunt and bounty\


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          I think its unfair to use /sp cmd in ManHunt As the player who's manhunted he can't Teleport or spawn vehicles also (/af , autofix) its useless in my opinion.
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            It's a manhunt so it means that the player who started a /manhunt on himself knows that people are going to spec him and find where is he hidding, Otherwise he wouldn't start this manhunt if he doesn't want people to spectate him and then find his location.
            That rule applies for people who are chillin or just having fun around but don't want to be spectated by other people.


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              Well explained.

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            Yea, Thanks everybody for answering the question which I made! You may lock the thread now.


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