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SAMP got hacked?

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  • SAMP got hacked?

    I noticed GamerX player count was low so I went to hosted tab to see if we are still on there and I found this? Some people can see the hosted tab as normal but others see the following...
    For some people the hosted tab won't even load. You have to wait untill all hosted servers are loaded then they all change to what you see below. Whats going on?


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    Hey Declan, I tried to see If GamerX was still in hosted tab too.. but I didn't saw that, only 30 - 40 servers were in hosted tab, and GamerX wasn't there, but today I checked again, and it's in hosted tab, btw, I never saw that in hosted


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      It is on the hosted tab:
      But something werid it first loads many servers then one by one all keeps vanishing.
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        You can see it's on hosted tab not just this infact even GamerX test server is on hosted tab! thats other issue that its not showing or not getting refreshed you can not see players etc but it's still on hosted tab ^^


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          Make sure you updated your sa-mp client:

          SA-MP 0.3.7-R2 Client
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