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Always having problems with this PC.

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    If none of these fixed worked, consider taking it back to the guy who 'fixed' it and ask him what's up.
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      Not much to make, buy a new PC, and try survive with your old PC this year.


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        Here's a helpful program for game boosting:

        Note: I apologise for my previous post to any admin/manager.
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          Originally posted by Robo_N1X View Post

          He already said windows 8 does not work. Most of these old motherboard does not have correct BIOS and Drivers that supports newer windows versions.

          Ok after the details you sent me from forum, there are things i only know:
          1. Your drivers are outdated, some drivers are not installed properly. I noticed this by looking at your old NVIDIA driver, and how your input devices (mouse and keyboard) behaving weird.
          2. Your pagefile size is low, after you added new memory you should increase it minimum equal to amount of the installed memory.
          3. There are probably some viruses.

          You better save this note plus the links i gave, so you can access it when you can't access forum/offline.

          Now steps to do:
          1. Make sure chipset (INF) is up-to-date: you can download and install it from here:
            Download the one for your system which is Windows 7 64 bit. This is for your motherboard, restart your pc after it's done.
          2. Update your graphic driver, even thought this is not closest to the latest (342), but i prefer this version:
            NVIDIA GeForce Driver 337.88 WHQL for Windows 7 64-bit, double check the list where it says "GeForce 9500 GT" below the "GeForce 9 Series".
          3. Install your other drivers, right click Computer, then select Manage, open Device Manager, scan for hardware changes, then click each necessary items (collapse the device groups), right click on it and select "Update Driver Software" > Search for updated driver software. You can SKIP the "Display adapters", "Computer", "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers", "Processors", "System devices" as those part already installed before. You can also IGNORE the "Universal Serial Bus" (USB), "Ports" as they are usually default installed by windows. Make sure you are connected to internet as it's downloading from Windows Update.
          4. Restart your pc after everything is done. Close all programs and background programs then do a CHKDSK :
            1. Open Computers in windows explorer
            2. Right click properties on hard drive C:
            3. Select Tools Tab
            4. Click the "Check Now..." button below error-checking
            5. Check both options
            6. Click "Start", it will ask you to schedule it on next pc start.
            7. Restart your pc again. You will get black screen with text of the progress after your windows boots up.
            8. Wait for the process to complete. Usually it can take up to 6 hours or longer time depending on your hard disk drive size.
          5. Adjust your PAGEFILE size, when you have 4GB RAM it must be set atleast 4096 MB read more here: search for "pagefile" on your windows, it should give you the Help document how to change it.
          6. Update your anti-virus software whatever you are using and working good, then run full system scan.
          7. If you are still paranoid on corrupted system files by virus or you don't have anti virus working, open "Windows Defender" then check for update and run full scan. This program is disabled if your anti-virus software is enabled.

          As you can see this process take so many restarts. so make sure it's powered well till finish without issues.

          EDIT: Reminded of your issue with 100% CPU Usage when using browsers, i suspect it could be caused by recent Crypto-Loot miner virus which are spread on websites. To remove this, you need a good antivirus that has anti-malware, browser & internet protection. Then run full scan.
          Robo, I'm installing the chipset thing, it was extracting, I don't know If it ended, the last thing extracted is "difxapi.dll", and nothing more is extracting, but the installer is still opened, 7 minutes passed and it's still same with the message "Please wait while the following setup files are extracted"...

          So as I said, nothing more is extracting after "difxapi.dll", and I can't close the installer, maybe I can with task manager

          I won't close the installer with task manager because maybe something is still extracting, so I'm asking you If it ended or not

          EDIT: The installation was loading, now it says to close all programs to continue with installation, so no problem now

          NOTE: The CPU Usage at 100% most of times is also when I run something like an installer, not only Google Chrome, but Google Chrome is the one who makes it get at 100%, when nothing is running, the CPU Usage is most of times at 70% - 80%, and other sometimes it gets on 20% ONLY when nothing is running
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            Originally posted by Vladimir_Putin View Post
            Here's a helpful program for game boosting:

            Note: I apologise for my previous post to any admin/manager.
            I don't want game boosters, I used many game boosters in the past wanting to get 150+ FPS in other games as I had 100 FPS, but nothing happened, not in gta sa, because there the limit is 100, and no one of the game boosters helped me to get more FPS in the past

            Originally posted by Jordi View Post
            Not much to make, buy a new PC, and try survive with your old PC this year.
            Are you sure? Maybe it's a fixable problem, the CPU usage happened suddenly after my pc got the blue screen, I guess it's fixable, I'm trying what Robo told me at the moment


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              I hope you have an arrangement, because after the message of a blue screen, maximum will last 2 months; it happened to me. I hope you can fix it, but, to raise money for a new notebook.


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                Robo_N1X NVIDIA Installer failed :| should I update the drivers from Windows Update?


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                  EDIT: I fixed it removing 2 GB Ram, my PC was not enough for 4 GB, that's why the CPU usage was on 100%, thank you all for helping


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                    Originally posted by Force View Post
                    EDIT: I fixed it removing 2 GB Ram, my PC was not enough for 4 GB, that's why the CPU usage was on 100%, thank you all for helping
                    Did you even change the pagefile size as mentioned in 5th step?
                    You're probably having RAM with different specification and not set properly on BIOS setting.
                    Originally posted by Eliteus
                    Ps. Robo, don't know what your comment even meant. What the fuck are you saying? I am so confused, even as an Englishman!
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