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Fortnite Redownloading

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  • Fortnite Redownloading

    Hello Everyone so there's a problem occurring in my Epic Games Launcher whenever I try to download Fortnite from Epic Games Launcher and whenever I pause it and shut down the PC And after a while when I open my PC and resume the download of fortnite It starts downloading from again (1%)


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    I don't think it's a problem, you shut your pc down. Keep it on while downloading I guess.


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      Originally posted by Jovan View Post
      I don't think it's a problem, you shut your pc down. Keep it on while downloading I guess.
      There are some games that when they are being downloaded, even If you turn off your pc, the progress of download doesn't die, it saves, but in his case it's not like that and maybe that's why AmazingGuy made this thread.. Downloads like uTorrent, even If you turn off your pc, download progress doesn't die

      About your problem AmazingGuy, I don't really know since my pc can't run that game..


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        It should resume back, it did it for me at least, but I would recommend you bulk download in one day, I think that would be your only solution. Maybe wake up early and keep it going the whole day if your download is super slow.

        Also in your country, there seem to be some people that have a cap on the amount of data they can use per day. If that is the case with you, try this: (Moderators - this isn't advertising - Epic Games is a gazzilion times more popular than GamerX for it to remotely count as advertising)

        If this doesn't work, I'd recommend taking your device to the local computer store/friend's place/computer cafe where you could possibly get it downloaded as a whole.

        Other than that, I see no other solution in which you can get Fortnite downloaded.
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          Thanks for all the help everyone


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