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  • Connection/Sensfix Tutorial

    2 simple methods to speed up internet connection using cmd

    1. Speed up Internet with cmd:

    Open command prompt with administrator privileges. If you use Windows 8 Read how to open cmd as admin. Other wise follow below steps.

    Click window (button) +R or type run on search box. You will see “Run” dialog.
    Type cmd and click enter.
    Right click on cmd.
    Select run as administration. You will see Command prompt window with admin privileges.
    Now type following commands in cmd window:
    Netsh int tcp show global and press enter.
    Netsh int tcp set chimney=enabled and press enter.
    Netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal and press enter.
    Netsh int set global congestionprovider=ctcp and press enter.

    2. speed up internet by resetting dns cache:

    Open Command prompt with admin privileges by following method given in first step.

    In command prompt window type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.

    This is a simple tutorial on how to speed up your connection internet, don't misunderstand this cause it won't level up your connection speed to unlimited speed it will just clear/erase logs and DNS cache which most of times affect your connection speed and make it abit laggy i already tried both methods and i personaly i can see the difference if it's not that big but it's still better, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

    Now let's show you what is Sensfix and how to use it!

    What is a sensfix?
    Sensefix can be used by peoples having an old/bad mouse or even by who have new/good one, it will fix the known sa-mp mouse bug Mouse Y-axis this system fix any mouse look related problems for those with a high-end mouse.

    You can modify it as you like to fit your aiming style [Fast or Slow]. Personally i've been using this when i was playing on A/D and it helps alot to avoid mouse random/annoying movements too sensible.

    Here's the URL to download it

    How to use it?

    Download the files given above place the both files on main GTA:SA File directory now you can modify the file to set the amount, depends on your mouse DPI and how faster/slower movements you want them i set my amounts randomly by testing them in-game till i find the right ones cause everyone has different gaming style and mouse DPI, but you can always try the default one maybe it will fit you.

    But to load the sensfix script files you'll need the ASI SA:MP Loader Otherwise the files won't be loaded and won't work you can find the ASI Loader HERE!

    How to install ASI Loader?

    It's easy download the file given above, extract it and put both of vorbishooked.dll & vorbisFile.dll on the main GTA:SA folder
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    Good job helpful tutorial, will surely try it thanks for this useful tutorial cryless


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      The sensfix information is very useful!
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        very useful . thanks


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