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How to donate to GamerX?

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  • How to donate to GamerX?

    Hello everyone! I made this tutorial because players were asking how to donate to gamerX

    wanted to donate to GamerX? here is the Tutorial of how to do it! Just follow the steps:

    STEP 1: Go to the Forums, when you are there, go to the section News.

    EDIT OF STEP 1: Now at the Forums you can just click in Donations or clicking in the link.

    STEP 2: Go to the topic Donations by Stefan.

    STEP 3: Then click in the link which is in the topic.

    STEP 4: After that, you will be taken to the donations page, if you don't have a PayPal account, register by filling the boxes, and if you already have a PayPal account, click in Log In to use your PayPal account to donate.

    Well, that's all!

    NOTE: The minium donation to get the Donator status is $5.

    ¿What are the features for Donators?

    -Access to talk in donator chat using "?" (eg: ?hello)

    -Spawn Happy Hour vehicles: (Hydra, Hunter, Sea-Sparrow, RC-Plane and Rhino) You can only spawn it by typing /v <ID> for now, if you type /v Hydra, it wont work (Only for donators): Hydra: /v 520. Hunter: /v 425. Sea-Sparrow: /v 447. RC-Plane: /v 464. Rhino: /v 432.

    -Your label (/ML /SML) will change colors

    -Donator Status In-game

    -Donator Status in Forums

    -Your in-game name in /donators (Only If you are online)

    -Your name in Donators List (Forums)

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    nice !!


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      Originally posted by _OmAr. View Post
      nice !!
      Thank you!!


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        Originally posted by Churre View Post

        Thank you!!
        <3 <3


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