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  • Blender Add-on: GTA-Tools

    I want to share this plugin/addon i found for Blender, it can be used to modify model, texture, animation, map file of GTA (III?/VC?/SA), good alternative for those who can't afford ZModeler or AutoDesk 3D Studio Max.
    The add-on is not perfect, it's still in beta version and probably already abandoned by the developer. Some bug existed and caused some files unable to be imported/exported. I wish i know the data structure of dff/txd/ifp/ipl gta files, good with python language, and experienced with blender. But since i'm beginner to that all, i can't really help to maintain the development and fix the bugs of this plugin.

    This add-on was created by a Japanese enthusiast who named themself "ponz", original source:

    It requires Blender version 2.57+, originally it's only supported up to v2.63. So i updated the API code a little bit to be compatible with newer version (2.7x).
    Download Blender for free from here:
    However i didn't test it on all version, so if this script gives some error, try to use an older blender version:
    It tested on Blender 2.70a since that's the version i'm using.
    Download the fixed plugin here:

    To install the script, simply go to File > User Preferences> Addons > Install From File > Select the ZIP file.
    If it doesn't work, copy the space_view3d_gta_tools to \Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\blender version\scripts\addons\
    And in the Addons setting, click "Refresh", search for "gta tools", tick the checkbox to enable, then Save User Settings

    Press F8 to reload all addon scripts or restart the program.

    Below is a simple presentation of loading the DFF file:
    File > Import > GTA Renderware (.dff) or you can find this on the Tool panel (GTA) and click "Import DFF"
    Select type "Other" if the model file is an object or another type. Select "Vehicle" or "Character" (for skin) otherwise.
    Extract the texture files as PNG for better quality. Make sure the .txd file is in the same location of .dff file. Or extract it manually with TXD Workshop

    Go to Object Mode to show menu for Import/Export DFF/TXD/IPL Maps, Edit Mode for Weight Painting tool, and Pose Mode for IFP animation tool.
    For editing the texture, i recommend using external image editor (such as Photoshop, or GIMP) because the Blender's brush tool is blurry.
    NOTE: In older Blender version, you can't see the tab, you can find the menu after you scroll down the Tools/Misc Panel.

    When you are done editing the model, export the DFF file, and add it to the .img file. This plugin is not for editing or making collision.

    The original documentation can be found on the following site (click on the navigation, note: it's not in english!)

    You would also need an IMG editor and a TXD workshop, you will need this to extract model and texture files.

    There is alternative add-on which is probably better, but it does not really support editing skin character. it's good to use this one if you are just editing an object.

    I've tried to edit Pirate's skin with this, unfortunately there are some deficiency which makes the bone armature coordinates saved in wrong direction. However this is not really matter for the game, so it will just work fine without crash.

    You may report bug/error here if you are getting error caused by the plugin. Please give me the error details from System Console window (Window > Toggle System Console). I might try to fix the code if it was just a problem with version compatibility.

    Note: I don't guarantee this will give a best result like Zmodeler/3DS Max. Make sure you backup your files before installing the mods into the game.
    Sorry for bad english.

    Have fun modding!
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    Nice and useful tutorial Robo!


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      Due to google search result popularity, people don't wanted to login or register to this forum to download the file from attachment (not their fault, it shows as "Invalid File Specified"), i have re-uploaded the file to the gamerx website and the link is available for public.
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