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Checking cheaters without Godmode

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  • Checking cheaters without Godmode

    How to check the cheaters without using the godmode

    I've asked several times the admins to enable the godmode for me in order to check the cheaters without being killed, well there's a way for the players to avoid the death while checking.

    The vehicle name is "Baggage-A" and you can spawn it with the command /v Baggage-A, when you're on it the other players will be unable to kill you by shooting (except rocket launchers). Furthermore in sa-mp 0.3a the name tag used to be hidden on this vehicle (no idea if it's still like that).

    I hope this little tutorial will help out someone who wants to help keeping GX clean.

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    u can do it easily by /sp them

    u dont need all this just /sp {id of the hacker} then check him
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