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  • GamerX All Properties Teleport Commands

    All Properties Teleport Commands Available Here starting from property id 0 to 324 (Total 325)
    View All Properties In GamerX Live Properties Map & Links:

    GamerX Live Properties Map (Search by id)
    GamerX Live Properties Map (Hi Resolution/Zoomed/search by Name)
    GamerX View All Properties Images (With id and name)
    GamerX View All Properties (List)
    Propertie ID Propertie Name Teleport Command
    0 Pikachou's Casino /gr10
    1 LV Come A Lot Casino /zyplox
    2 LV High Roller Casino /l 126
    3 iceCandy's LV Casino /gps
    4 IceCandy's LV Casino /antonio
    5 Hoshiko's Casino /hoshiko
    6 ZIP Clothing /rms
    7 Cluckin Bell /rms
    8 Binco /rms
    9 LV Motel /rms
    10 LV Tattoo Shop /sensey
    11 LV Gay Gordos /sensey
    12 LV Sex Shop /rms
    13 Burger Shot /croman59
    14 LV Airport /galv
    15 Saloun's Skate Park /bmx
    16 Spectre Enterprises /abhay
    17 Cata's Hospital /cata
    18 Krrish' Movie Studio /hoss
    19 LS Tennis Club /download
    20 Ms.Lina's Grand Hotel /lina
    21 Victim Clothing /zotty
    22 Didier Sachs Clothing /zotty
    23 Yoven's Shopping Mall /mall
    24 Bloodcell's Mansion /bloodcell
    25 Purple Girl's House /rlm
    26 Angelpine Liquor Shop /joseriul
    27 Angelpine Chilli Dogs /joseriul
    28 The Junkyard /gjy
    29 Multihunter's Company /multihunter
    30 SF Stadium /l 187
    31 SF Driving School /sas
    32 SF Airport /ga
    33 SF Cobra Fightclub /l 188
    34 SF Xoomer Garage /wang
    35 rekT's Train Station /wang
    36 SF Wang Cars /wang
    37 SF Building Site /wang
    38 SF Izayois Royal Hotel /izayoi
    39 SF Biffin Bridge Hotel /izayoi
    40 Area 69 /ga69
    41 Matite's House /matite
    42 SF Ottos Cars /otto
    43 Desert Airport /gads
    44 SF Suburban /gt
    45 SF Tattoo Parlour /gt
    46 Lilou's House /lilou
    47 Hiyah's Tires /hiyah
    48 Dream's House /dream
    49 Blood Incorperated SF /blood
    50 305's Shack /305
    51 Zazaza's Farm /zazaza
    52 Smokia's House /smokia
    53 Mike's House /m
    54 Monno's Motel /monno
    55 Nortens Golf Club /norten
    56 Beer's Beer Factory /beer
    57 The Weed Farm /gwf
    58 BLS Clan House /bls
    59 69 Clan House /69
    60 KenV's House /kenv
    61 Ghosts LV Pirate Ship /gps
    62 Daan Deurloo's House /daan
    63 The Beach /beach
    64 Fenix's House /fenix
    65 Rusty Browns Donuts /gd
    66 Meat Processing Plant /gmp
    67 Bloodbowl Stadium /gbb
    68 Sprunk's House /sprunky
    69 The Big Ear /gbe
    70 The Quarry /gq
    71 Rusel's House /rusel
    72 Toxic Ro's House /toxicro
    73 SF Mistys Bar /l 188
    74 Kel's House /kel
    75 Lorsimon's House /lorsimon
    76 LS Vinyl Countdown /twitch
    77 SF Ship Yard /l 180
    78 SF Solarin Industries /l 152
    79 SF Fire Department /wang
    80 SF Daily Globes /l 168
    81 SF Hippy Shopper /gt
    82 KingRick's House /gx14
    83 Panzehir's House /panzehir
    84 Sprunk's House /sprunky
    85 RockingEvilZ' House /gx14
    86 SF Palisades Pond /pipex
    87 LS Hospital /bmx
    88 Azrael's House /azrael
    89 LS Pawn Shop /grove
    90 Big Pointy Building /asesino
    91 Discplex's house /discplex
    92 Heartbeat's House /heartbeat
    93 Ez's House /ez
    94 Truck Yard /gty
    95 Groucho's Desert Market /groucho
    96 Jumper's House /jumper
    97 Pedro's House /dwayne
    98 Afum's House /afum
    99 Jordan's House /jordan
    100 Vida's UFO Bar /vida
    101 LS Stadium /infernus
    102 LS Weed and Seed /xiino
    103 s0i0n's House /jordan
    104 The Dam /gda
    105 Woodcutters Camp /l 154
    106 K1ll3r's House /k1ll3r
    107 Donkey's House /donkey
    108 Nismo's House /nismo
    109 Dirt Track Stadium /gs5
    110 Murphy's Hovel /murphy
    111 Nobody's House /nobody
    112 Dungas SF Town Hall /dunga
    113 The Bandit's Stadium /gs
    114 Dragba's College /dragba
    115 Hoia's NightClub /l 101
    116 Mount Chiliad /gc
    117 Yucels LS Airport /gals
    118 LV StarFish Casino /hoshkio
    119 LV Gifts and Jewelery /garib
    120 RoBo's House /gps
    121 LV XXX Club /mazunga
    122 LV Randy Stiffman /mazunga
    123 Log's LS Complex /bloodcell
    124 NAD's House /danyel
    125 Veyron's Bank /kyle
    126 SF Bank /asesino
    127 Bings Bongs /l 168
    128 SF The Bearded Clam /l 168
    129 SF STW Books /gt
    130 SF Hippy Shopper /gt
    131 SF Piece of Peace /gt
    132 SF Wheel Arch Angels /t2
    133 SF Tennis Courts /pacifica
    134 Xeek's House /xeek
    135 Blackid's House /blackid
    136 Mertens' House /mertens
    137 Burt0ns' Hut /burtons
    138 LS Unity Station /l 83
    139 LS 69c Store /l 83
    140 blaxlistZ' Xoomer Gas /blaxlistz
    141 The Big Cock /infamous
    142 Fort Carson Meats /l 80
    143 LS Taco /mg
    144 Afums Gas /afum
    145 LS Pawn Shop /nanito
    146 Rick's Hilltop Farm /rick
    147 Chalos Car Dealership /lilia
    148 LV Rock Hotel /heavy
    149 Ndys LS Nude Shop /gals
    150 Ruling's Farm /ruling
    151 LV Pilgrim Pool /slayer
    152 LV Construction Site /l 59
    153 SF Supermarket /shaun
    154 MeisterQ's Sewerage /meisterq
    155 Jerzi's Island /jerzi
    156 KingRick's Van /van
    157 Sprunks Factory /chain
    158 Killer Of OSNs Depot /l 21
    159 Spranks SF Helipad /l 156
    160 nicoud's House /nicoud
    161 Mr Presidents Tower /gb3
    162 KillaJoels Pump Shop /robo
    163 Soo's House /soo
    164 Danyels House /danyel
    165 Evil's House /evil
    166 GotNitro's House /gotnitro
    167 DarkAbyss House /darkabyss
    168 Mattimus Apartments /mattimus
    169 Cesare's House /cesare
    170 Left's Hideout /left
    171 Gabies House /gabie
    172 Kentas Factory /kenta
    173 Snooopys House /snooopy
    174 187 Clan Area /187
    175 NightMareX House /nmx
    176 Nyykaabi's House /nyykaabi
    177 Nitroz House /nitroz
    178 Koqhiko's Factory /koqhiko
    179 Downloads House /download
    180 Adriana's House /adriana
    181 Hoss' House /hoss
    182 VirusX's House /virusx
    183 BreakDown's Farm /breakdown
    184 Destroyers House /destroyer
    185 VeNErA's Casino /venera
    186 Quantum's Gas /quantum
    187 Micky's Base /micky
    188 GX14's House /gx14
    189 Heavys VRock Hotel /heavy
    190 Remi's Lagoon /remi
    191 Tocha's House /tocha
    192 BurnedGrass House /burnedgrass
    193 Smackthat's Workshop /smackthat
    194 RKO's House /rko
    195 Gnerals House /gneral
    196 Maraz's House /maraz
    197 Churre's House /danda
    198 Mazunga's Casino /mazunga
    199 Jackass House /jackass
    200 Depeche's House /depeche
    201 Nanito's House /nanito
    202 Kapumas House /kapumas
    203 stefan's House /stefan
    204 Pirate's Hotel /pirate
    205 Campionull's House /camp
    206 Adrenaline's House /adrenaline
    207 Moonjeu's House /moonjeu
    208 kat's House /kat
    209 lames House /lames
    210 Bella's House /bella
    211 Eclipsor's House /eclipsor
    212 Troublesome's House /troublesome
    213 Aasif's Garage /aasif
    214 Maze's House /maze
    215 karl's Factory /karl
    216 Cj101's House /cj101
    217 Joseriul's House /joseriul
    218 CandyChip's House /marek333
    219 Raiden's Offices /raiden
    220 Robo N1X's House /robo
    221 BuckS' Mansion /bucks
    222 Luffy's House /luffy
    223 Instant's Farm /instant
    224 Infamous' Supermarket /infamous
    225 Batcold's House /batcold
    226 Spraky's House /spraky
    227 Shaix's House /shaix
    228 Zotty's Restaurant /zotty
    229 Kusto's house /kusto
    230 Kanwar's House /kanwar
    231 Hunter95's House /hunter95
    232 Sobe's House /sobe
    233 Ruthless' Car Park /ruthless
    234 Xecutioner's Office /xecutioner
    235 Kenneth's Apartments /kenneth
    236 Cashewz' Workshop /cashewz
    237 Bibolilo's House /bibolilo
    238 Roddja's House /roddja
    239 Elena's House /elena
    240 Nitram's Apartments /nitram
    241 PizzguY's House /pizzaguy
    242 UmairUmd's House /umairumd
    243 CptTall's House /cpttall
    244 Web's Farm /web
    245 Zarky's Motel /zarky
    246 ChargeR's Parking Lot /charger
    247 Manuel's House /manuel
    248 Donijol's House /donijol
    249 Wooolly's Warehouse /wooolly
    250 Dream's House /spare
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    251 Trazo's House /trazo
    252 JobuJanes Cargo Ship /jobu
    253 garib admi's Casino /garib
    254 Hose's Mall /hose
    255 Soollaimane's House /sool
    256 Jeffy's House /jeffy
    257 Hardwell's Apartments /hardwell
    258 Declan's Goo Museum /declan
    259 Rlm's House /rlm
    260 PeaceOfIndia's House /india
    261 Keiasu's House /keiasu
    262 Luis38 Beef Gril /luis38
    263 Rms's Casino /rms
    264 Lilia's House /lilia
    265 Beats' Apartments /beats
    266 Nate's House /nate
    267 Abhay's Apartments /abhay
    268 Elixir's Warehouse /elixir
    269 Kalifa's House /kalifa
    270 Frezer's House /frezer
    271 ProWanted's House /prowanted
    272 Blackbird's House /blackbird
    273 Megan's Mansion /megan
    274 SF Church /trazo
    275 Chronized's City Hall /chronized
    276 Nick's House /stacked
    277 X Flow's House /xflow
    278 Marlowe's House /marlowe
    279 Fpzuda's House /fpzuda
    280 FinalFuture's House /finalfuture
    281 Pacific's Manor /pacifica
    282 MarisaKirisame's House /marisakirisame
    283 Marisa's Restaurant /marisa
    284 Goldeneyes house /goldeneyes
    285 Nate'n'Remi's Hug Tree /hugtree
    286 Eliteus' House /eliteus
    287 Julia's House /julia
    288 Twitch's House /twitch
    289 TinaRex's House /tinarex
    290 Potato's House /potato
    291 Dodo's House /dodo
    292 DeathBeatZ's House /deathbeatz
    293 Jordi's Hotel /jordi
    294 ElyZium's House /elyzium
    295 Jafri's House /jafri
    296 Grimvirus' Pizza Co /grimvirus
    297 Ryda's House /ryda
    298 Obese's Pier /obese
    299 Loaijs' Ferris Wheel /loaijs
    300 Jan Nissan's Garagel /nissan
    301 Shifty's Lighthouse /gl
    302 Muaaz's Company /muaaz
    303 Gengar's Hotel /gengar
    304 Tinas and Queens Bank /tinaqueen
    305 Radias' Bar /l 104
    306 Toffee's House /toffee
    307 Neutralperson Storage /neutralperson
    308 LoNeWoLF's Gift Shop /gt
    309 Jovan's Train Station /nrg500
    310 Snicker's Town /l 103
    311 Ariana's Donuts Shop /ariana
    312 Bol's House /bol
    313 WarWithMind's House /tinaqueen
    314 Jelly's Snake Farm /infamous
    315 LucyAnna's House /robo
    316 Mind's House /mind
    317 Rackham Power Station /rackham
    318 fireken's House /l 69
    319 NeuroX's House /neurox
    320 Glator's Castle /glator
    321 Nancy's House /nancy
    322 Poro's City Planning /poro
    323 Jovan's House /jovan
    324 Garrix' House /garrix

    1. View location in GamerX Live Properties Map.
    2. Copy that property teleport command from the table.
    3. Go in-game press "T" and paste the teleport command and press enter.
    4. Go to Your Game Map and find the location which you saw first in the map and you will find that you are
    near that property so you don't need to drive too long distance to buy that property.
    5. After finding that property go near to its property icon and type /buy command.
    Some Notes

    NOTE: A player can buy 30 properties maximum, and after buying a property you will get profit in every minute it depends on property how much profit it will give. After buying a property that property will be not buy-able for 30 mins and after that other players can buy anyone of your property but before that time no one can buy. After buying all 30 properties, the player will get a bonus cake in every minute and also money which will come from 30 properties. To buy a property use /buy command.

    NOTE: Some Properties are little bit away from you when you type the teleport command you have to go to that property to buy there. Some teleport commands will teleport you too near that property and you just have to take few steps then you can type /buy cmd to buy it. But some teleport commands are little bit away (but you don't have to do a long distance they are just a bit far away from the property).

    NOTE: Some interior properties are set to their location (1,000ft and above) instead of their entry location. To find those properties entry location to buy them, read the "Interiors" section.

    NOTE: If you want to search any property search it by ID because names are changed often so you might see an old named property here but in game and at website its named something else. Like (Player A) is named to a property, after sometime they changed their name to (Playing Player) and requests property name change as well so the property is also named "Playing Player" in order to keep the names up to date its necessary for the names to be announced at update version of GamerX. You might find old names to properties (if you find any PM me ill edit it). Search properties by ID as IDs are not changed but names are changed.
    Questions And Answers


    Question: What do you mean by not follow-able location from GamerX Live Properties Map?
    Answer: The interior properties are set at 1,000 ft above the ground level and are located at different places so in order to buy those properties, read the "Interiors" section and follow the steps.
    Question: Where to go to buy these interior properties?
    Answer: The "Interiors" section will guide you about the entry to these properties.

    If there is a teleport command not working or teleport to another property, please leave a reply here or PM me so that I can edit and put the correct one.
    Sorry about the double post, but the space in 1st post was full so I have to make 2nd post.

    Work Under process:

    Interiors are placed at 1,000 ft and above, and are located on different locations. In order to enter those interiors you have to type their teleport command. Some teleport command will teleport you directly in those interiors (See "Teleport to interior properties" section), while other interiors are a bit tricky to reach so you have to reach them from their entry. The entry to those interiors are available at different locations, but in this post only those entries are shown which you can easily reach and can find many interiors near it so you don't have to go too far for next interior property (See "Entry to interior properties" section). In the GamerX Live Properties map the locations of some of the interior properties are different, they are set to their actual location (1,000ft above) instead of their entry (as there are many entry which one to set), so to find those properties you can view below section. While some properties have their interior location at the same place of their entry location (see "Interior & Entry on same location" section). An example can be seen in the picture below (Interior properties are in yellow box).

    Overall Interior Properties:
    Property ID Property Name Teleport Command
    6 ZIP Clothing /rms
    7 Cluckin Bell /rms
    8 Binco /rms
    10 LV Tattoo Shop /rms
    11 LV Gay Gordos /rms
    12 LV Sex Shop /rms
    13 Burger Shot /mazunga
    21 Victim Clothing /zotty
    22 Didier Sachs Clothing /zotty
    43 Desert Airport /gads
    44 SF Suburban /gt
    45 SF Tattoo Parlour /gt
    54 Monno's Motel /monno
    58 BLS Clan House /bls
    59 69 Clan House /69
    64 Fenix' House /fenix
    65 Rusty Borwn's Donut /gd
    66 Meat Processing Plant /gmp
    67 Bloodbowl stadium /gbb
    96 Jumper's House /jumper
    97 Pedro's House /dwayne
    109 Dirt Track Stadium /gs5
    115 Hoia's NightClub /tinaqueen
    120 Robo's House /gps
    121 LV XXX Club /mazunga
    234 Xecutioner's Office /xecutioner
    250 Dream's House /spare
    268 Elixir's Warehouse /elixir
    283 Marisa's Restaurant /marisa
    305 Radias' Bar /l 104
    Note: Blue box and the text in blue box shows the nearest teleport command and the red box with black text shows which property is located there.
    Entry to interior properties
    6|||||||||| ZIP Clothing /rms|||||||||||||
    7 Cluckin Bell /rms
    8 Binco /rms
    10 LV Tattoo Shop /rms
    11 LV Gay Gordos /rms
    12 LV Sex Shop /rms

    13|||||||||| Burger Shot||||||||| /mazunga||||||
    121 LV XXX Club /mazunga

    44|||||||||| SF Suburban /gt||||||||||||||||||
    45 SF Tattoo Parlour /gt

    21||||||||||||| Victim Clothing /zotty|||||||||||||||||
    22 Didier Sachs Clothing /zotty

    58||||||||| BLS Clan House /bls||||||||||||||

    64|||||||| Jumper's House /jumper||||||
    96 Fenix' House /fenix

    120|||| Robo's House /gps|||||||||

    Teleport to interior properties
    54||||||||||||| Monno's Motel|||||||||||| /monno||||||||||||
    59 69 Clan House /69
    109 Dirt Track Stadium /gs5
    250 Dream's House /spare
    268 Elixir's Warehouse /elixir
    283 Marisa's Restaurant /marisa
    305 Radias' Bar /l 104
    Interior & Entry on same location
    43|||||||||||||| Desert Airport /gads||||||||||||||||
    65 Rusty Borwn's Donut /gd
    66 Meat Processing Plant /gmp
    67 Bloodbowl stadium /gbb
    97 Pedro's House /dwayne
    115 Hoia's NightClub /tinaqueen
    234 Xecutioner's Office /xecutioner
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      Thanks bhai for more help to find out most props

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
      ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

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      [07:16.58] <@GX-07> Kicked MarisaKirisame from #gamerX for using the % character in a command.


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        Let me help you with some teleports:

        Jan Nissan's garage: /sobe
        Shifty's Lighthouse: /gl
        EvilBoss' Company: /gb2
        Gengar's Hotel: /bella
        Tinas and Queens Bank: /riyad
        Radias' Bar: /l 104
        Toffee's House: /cesare
        Limes Notepad Storage: /l 133
        MaxSafy's Gift Shop: /gt
        Jovan's Train Station: /nrg500
        Snicker's Town: /l 103
        Ariana's Donuts Shop: /l 18
        Bol's House: /robo
        WarWithMind's House: /riyad


        Jelly's Snake Farm: /infamous
        LucyAnna's House: /robo
        Mind's House: /gr10
        ATP's Wadpa: /l 196
        fireken's House: /l 69
        NeuroX's House: /gnoucel
        Glator's Castle: /elena


        LV Four Dragons Casino is now Nancy's LV Casino
        LV Royal Casino is now iceCandy's LV Casino
        Pacifica's Manor is now Pacific's Manor - without the A - (teleport stays the same)
        StackedPizza's House is now Nick's House (teleport stays the same)
        SF Train Station is now rekT's Train Station
        Last edited by Pacific; 21-11-16, 01:45 AM.


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          added the teleports, added new props & changed the names.

          Thanks for the help, I am not active in-game because of my exams so I forgot to update.
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            Originally posted by Instant View Post

            added the teleports, added new props & changed the names.

            Thanks for the help, I am not active in-game because of my exams so I forgot to update.
            Seems Pacific said, ATP wadpa but its "Atp's Wapda" i know about my beta's property.
            Ps: zimydaar baap hoon
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              Another update:

              321: Nancy's House | /L 17
              322: Poro's City Planning | /t6
              323: Jovan's House | /grove
              324: Garrix's House | /marlowe

              Name changing:

              Nancy's LV Casino (prop 0) became Four Dragons Casino again (!!!!)
              Jafri's Bings Bongs (prop 127) is now just "Bings Bongs"
              SF Tennis Courts (prop 133) tele is now /pacifica
              MarisaKirisame (prop 282) is now MarisaKirisame's House
              Nate'n'Remi Hug Tree (prop 285) is missing the "/" on its teleport on list
              Last edited by Pacific; 29-12-16, 01:36 PM.


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                *** Edit:You can type /L 17 and and go straight.. Then turn a right for Nancy's House.. Don't get confuced , Because there are many houses.***


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                  Thanks for the information, Updated.

                  Edit: Didn't saw that, anyways Thank your for helping.
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                    I also already renamed back Jovan's train station to LV Train Station and nearest teleport to Nancy's House is /t5
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                      Just saying you are missing /ariana (that was added few days ago), and some missing (previously added already in old version) such as /nancy /neurox /nissan /declan etc Your property list is outdated too, some property has been renamed... Four Dragon Casino turns into Pikachou's Casino
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                        Property 197 "Danda's House" is renamed to Churre's House


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                          0 Four Dragons Casino /gr10
                          Renamed to : Pikachou's Casino


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                            Originally posted by Pikachou View Post
                            0 Four Dragons Casino /gr10
                            Renamed to : Pikachou's Casino
                            Robo already mentioned it

                            Originally posted by Robo_N1X View Post
                            Just saying you are missing /ariana (that was added few days ago), and some missing (previously added already in old version) such as /nancy /neurox /nissan /declan etc Your property list is outdated too, some property has been renamed... Four Dragon Casino turns into Pikachou's Casino


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                              To make it simple, these should be migrated and re-posted to
                              So any tps can help updating it.
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