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    Originally posted by Robo_N1X View Post
    Just saying you are missing /ariana (that was added few days ago)
    oh, that was /ariana...I was thinking /adriana is already a teleport cmd why its been added again, but after reading your reply (in which you corrected /adriana to /ariana) now I see that...i'll add it Thanks.

    Originally posted by Robo_N1X View Post
    and some missing (previously added already in old version) such as /nancy /neurox /nissan /declan etc
    About the other teleport commands which you mentioned, I don't see in which post/update these were added, the only source I get is the update posts and players who reply here, other than that I got no source from where I can see which new teleport cmds are added. I guess these teleport commands were not posted in any update or so thats why I didn't know these tele cmds exists, again thanks for pointing out, i'll add them as well.

    Originally posted by Robo_N1X View Post
    Your property list is outdated too, some property has been renamed... Four Dragon Casino turns into Pikachou's Casino
    Yeah, the name is a big problem here as players change their name and request their property name change as well, and these changes are not posted anywhere (the property name changes) so I never know which property was renamed until someone inform me or I browse all properties and notice some changes. I changed few properties names (I didnt know their names were changed as they were not posted, I used their teleport cmd to visit their prop and then found that the prop names are also changed)

    EvilBoss's Company (was changed to Muaaz's Company)
    ATP's Wapda (was changed to Rackham Power Station)
    Limestone paper storage (was changed to Neutralperson Storage)
    Sa tallest building or something like that (was changed to Spectre Enterprises)
    Jizzy's Nightclub (was changed to Hoia's NightClub)
    LS Grand Hotel (was changed to Ms.Lina's Grand Hotel)
    LS Shopping Mall (was changed to Yoven's Shopping Mall)
    LS Movie Studio (was changed to Krrish' Movie Studio)
    LS Skate Park (was changed to Saloun's Skate Park)
    Antonio's LV Casino (was changed to Tod's Casino)
    LV Bank (was changed to Veyron's Bank)
    Francyr7's Offices (was changed to Declan's Goo Museum)
    Lol at first I typed 4 but then I found 8 more properties whose name got changed.

    I never know these changes were made as these were not posted, so its hard to keep the names upto date as I never know these are changed.

    The four dragon casino and danda's house ill rename it, Thanks all for the help.

    Originally posted by Robo_N1X View Post
    To make it simple, these should be migrated and re-posted to
    So any tps can help updating it.
    i'll pm you to know more about this and got some other questions to discuss also, thanks for the advice.

    oh between, feel free to edit it when ever its outdated .

    *Updated* Thanks all for the help.


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