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    Has anyone suggested to put cookie on /bounty yet? Or there's command for it i just din know. Imagine that happen. Kinda fun. Money didn't effect much as everyone already maxed cash. Maybe add params at the end like /bounty <id> <money> <cookie> etc... Ppl gotta be crazy over about it if someone put like 5k cookies on another player's head...┬*

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    it should be like if we put cookie on someone head the one who kills him gets the cookies if its this way your idea works then i think its a great idea
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      I love your suggestion, +1 from me
      (Btw sana, it will work just like /hit Command, but with an addition of cookies)
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        Been suggested but it's a good idea. I hope it gets made.



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          I don't know if its been suggested before, kind of getting feeling it is suggested before. Anyways i do like the suggestion tho it will make the things more interesting from fun point of view as money is not so useful tho, but people love to collect cookies etc.

          Why not +1 from me, maybe some people will say it will make earning cookies more easier and all etc i don't know much at the moment about it, as i'm not paying much attention on that but from fun point of view it's a good idea i guess so i hope it gets added.


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            I agree with your suggestion, reasons above


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              Good idea


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