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  • pvp

    I just wanted to say this PvP bullshit sux! When I get carkill from player its annoying I cant do anything no teleport no spawn car act and they get easy kills from me!
    That's all

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    It is unclear whether you are suggesting something or complaining about something which exists.


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      Originally posted by Poison View Post
      It is unclear whether you are suggesting something or complaining about something which exists.
      I could take the following picture:

      Someone rammed him with an car and he got stucked down the car, so the server recognized the damage received by the car as an engage (fight/dm) and denied all his commands to avoid death by the PvP system.

      Since he made an thread at Suggestion section i may realize that its a suggestion to remove the PvP icon if someone ram another player with an vehicule.


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        If your suggestion is removing PvP system, I disagree, this new PvP system made the server much better, now players can't teleport in fight, and that's better, no more players like AiZen / SoleDad teleporting in fight

        About when you get rammed, I don't know, I never tried to teleport away in those cases, but I tired /ca and it's possible.
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          Just to clear things for the guys up :

          The PvP system doesn't prevent you from using commands when you receive damage it does when YOU hit a player

          so it's not possible that it will happen if you are just chilling around and get rammed by a car you would still be able to use commands as long as you don't hit any player

          I just want to suggest that we should be able to use the commands after we kill the player(s) that we hit

          Like what if you are fighting with someone and you kill him but now you have low hp and another players comes up and start shooting you .. you won't be able to teleport away as you don't want to fight him
          *text here*


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            -1 because all around the server many players fight then if they have low health they tele ex. The_ManipuLator he always abuses when theres no admin i alread reported him like 100 times but he get right away from punishment from down of our eyes. Also there should be one thing added that if someone fires from car or from out of car he cant get out of the car nor in the car to teleport.
            What you expected here?


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              Exactly Kakashi.After killing an opponent on / l 88 you are left with a little hp and you can not teleport, and of course someone comes from the side and kills you.
              It would be good if the pvp had extinguished right after the fight.So players can complement hp before somebody kills them.


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                The pvp check system wont prevent you using commands by just receiving damage without you giving a damage first.

                I tell you, there is a counter time, you get less time after a kill to wait (than a time after a hit, which is 5 seconds instead of 10), this is to prevent in some cases that you might have not just fighting with one player, but also with two or more, you can't simply teleport away (or even /healme) after you just killed one, and that 5 seconds left is to indicate your fight was clear, because if someone else still hits you on the remaining seconds after you killed someone, that's just mean you were still in fight with them (before you killed one).

                The pvp check system is enough good already, if you are still complaining with it, it's just mean that you have to change your gameplay from being noob to skilled pro fighter.

                The /ca command is not allowed to be used too, but its simply not updated yet since it's separated script. Which is often we find, like when event system was added in the past, /ca was still usable until it gets updated.
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                  PVP system only has a trigger in OnPlayerGiveDamage.
                  and as Robo explained: OnPlayerTakeDamage only manipulates the counter. It has no trigger.

                  The PVP system is actually a good system. It prevents players from breaking rules by teleporting or typing /healme in a fight.

                  There isn't a valid reason to remove it. NEGATIVE

                  GenGar . Just because it was posted here doesn't automatically make it a suggestion. It looks more to me like a complain.


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