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  • IRC AFK Status

    Hey Everyone so my suggestion is that whenever someone from IRC msg through pm to the person who is IGN and has AFK Status so he/she will get this msg


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    I don't think this will be added, IRC hasn't been updated since early 2016.
    I'm neutral on this one.


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      When we pm someone from IRC to IGN its show nothing about the player state that he/she is AFK or not, obviously if he is not afk he will reply to our pm and if he is afk the PM will be received to them but not to us about his/her state.

      This should be add in the future as this will be helpful.


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        It doesn't make much difference. Just pm a player and wait for atleast 3 minutes. If you recieve the response, meaning the player is NOT AFK, otherwise he/she is.
        I'm also NEUTRAL on this one


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          For Jovan :-- Hope They will update IRC

          For Kritical :-- Thanks that's why I posted the suggestion

          For Drama_Seeker :-- But It would looks cool and good If it's added


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            Hmm.. It's a good suggestion, but I think it's obvious that the player is AFK If they don't reply after you send him at least 3 PMs with no response.

            Also almost no one uses the /afk command when they go afk..


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              I Agree with Churre but some people do use it like BreakDown , Hoia and etc so I think this should be really needed

              Edit :-- I'm talking about the /brb cmd


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                If it's possible to add this then why not ? but not all the players use IRC only tps/admins and few known players


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                  This suggestion is also for tps/admins and few known players


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