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    This is regarding flag captures in CTF events....

    As the one who captures flag plays a major role by which the team wins...So, what if game gives a reward for the one who captures the most flags in the team that wins....?

    The reward maybe a event point or 2 cakes...

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    I agree with you Dakshee But they also have the acceptable ammount of kills as well for ex A player captures the most flag but his kills is Zero so the reward may not be given to him
    God helps those who help themselves.


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      Ok... But your suggestion cannot be fully applicable since CTF events required teamwork, Suppose you are the one who captured the flag but you cant do everything alone (killing, escaping and bring the flag to your base) you need team members to complete this process, the one who are supporting you have to do same effort as you, they needs to protect you even they have to sacrifice.
      It would be UNFAIR to give the reward only to the player who captured the flag because it would have been harder or nearly impossible if there were no supportive team-mates.
      so my vote goes negative
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