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[ACCEPTED] [Gamemode]Suggestion for spawns

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  • [ACCEPTED] [Gamemode]Suggestion for spawns

    This suggestion is not like that one I posted before, I thought about some things, looked at another people opinions and that is my final decision.

    So first of all remove grenades from army spawn Ė itís against rules and itís annoying to be damaged by them(Like rocket but without aim).

    Second thing need to be removed is Flamer Thrower from the medic spawn Ė itís annoying to be flamed by a person what is going to kill you and you cannot do anything against him since you are burning.

    The third in my good thing is to add extra weapon (like sniper rifle at medic spawn). Because itís interesting for me. When I was a regular player I often like to take the sniper rifle and go to a good spot to kill players so I think it would be useful.

    And one more idea came to my head. We know that sometimes at goo hunt we cannot use pobs. So why not to do restrictions for rockets and grenades at spawn, you will not be able to buy it until you cross the line where the red zone ends. I think it will decrease the accidents with rockets/grenades in red zone.

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    Good Idea , agree with you it's so annoying.


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      I'm just your opinion and i totally agree to these points. Good idea!


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        Good idea and many things should be added too +1


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          Agree, Grenades need to be removed from the army spawn as it contradicts the rule of no grenades in redzone.

          About the flame thrower, yes it can be annoying. I think it would be better to have a weapon like an m4 or rifle in its place.

          Maybe grenades (and flamer) could be moved to somewhere thats not in a redzone, like /ga

          And your last idea about blocking usage of grenade and rocket commands in redzones seems like a perfect idea. There could be a dialog box saying something like "You could not spawn a Rocket/ Grenade as you are in a redzone /spawn (these are marked red on your radar)" if a player tries to use /rocket or /grenade in those areas.


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            This should've been changed a long time ago already, as its against the rules, just like you said. We will replace the weapons you mentioned for the next server update.

            Blocking /rockets in red-zones seems perfect to me as well. I will talk to Hoss and Rick about it, maybe we can get it done.


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