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    Well , today i was creating objects for goo with twich , and an annoying dude was refreshing our objects , and trying to kill us etc , my suggestion is for create /irpo " Ignore Refresh for Especified Player " if i do /tpobs , my friend can't refresh what i'm doing , so its my idea.
    thank you.
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      If I'm correct then I believe that you can just disable it through /settings so other players can't refresh your objects.


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        Originally posted by ElixiR View Post
        I believe you didnt get what he meant:

        Ignore Refresh for Especified Player
        He doesn't want to disable rpo for all players, but just one player in specific.


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          Well, to avoid others to refresh your objects use /tpobs but it work for all players
          and if players killing u during making objects u can use report also in game and forum too. killing plaayers while making objects is not allowed
          you can ask admin for GODMODE anytime if u reported player who annoying you or u can ask an admin for virtual world in game there u can make objects without any problems.

          EDIT: thanks for the suggestion i agree with you we realy need this
          Originally posted by PpkL View Post
          my suggestion is for create /irpo " Ignore Refresh for Especified
          so we can keep our objects hidden from haters like new player who dont know about rules and if there is no admins it will help us alot.
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            GodMode didn't solve it well , he can annoy you with car , speedboost crashing you or , etc ... like that happened with me


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              You could've create your objects in a virtual word. If you were in a virtual world, players can spectate you and get your location, and drive/fly/teleport/walk? to your location but won't see you there. You can ask an admin to change your virtual world id.
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                It was never a problem before. Just use /tpobs next time and you won't get spammed. After a while you may enable it to let your friends refreshing the objects again and directly disable it after.

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                  Since GamerX v4.7.0 you can /tpobs <id> but not inverse it with /tpobs only
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