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  • [HG]ShaolinTemple

    Event type: Hunger Games
    Name: ShaolinTemple
    Player Object Set(/LPOS): /LPOS ShaolinTempleComplete
    Map Creator: DeclanIsKing
    Weather(/MyWeather): 10
    Time(/MyTime): if possible make event start at 3am.

    Thanks to the TPs who pointed out all the ways to escape the map over the walls.

    Note to Pirate: Punching and Melees can't do damage on this map for some reason. GenGar thinks it's because the map is in an invalid position (it's at the far east of the map.)

    Also, when making pickups locations do not place any on the rocks in the picture bellow. Izayoi used this object in RedPlanet Hunger Games and the pickups on this object have a chance of kicking you out the event for no reason.

    Also, can you make the spawn point on the grass in the picture bellow? (in front of the yellow sign but on the grass)

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