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Amazing CTF

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  • Amazing CTF

    Event type: Capture The Flag (CTF)
    Name: Amazing CTF
    Player Object Set(/LPOS): /LPOS AmazingCTF2
    Map Creator: Amazing_Guy[BtK]
    Weapon(s): Deagle, shotgun and sniper
    Weather(/MyWeather): 11
    Time(/MyTime): 7

    Red Spawn and Flag Location:
    Red team flag

    X: -2136.9997
    Y: -83.7289
    Z: 35.3203

    Red team spawn
    X: -2127.1318
    Y: -97.4851
    Z: 35.3203

    Blue spawn and Flag Location:
    Blue team spawn point

    X: -2152.3151
    Y: -248.8760
    Z: 36.5156
    Blue team flag
    X: -2140.7309
    Y: -267.8727
    Z: 36.5156

    Note :- The 2 small Goo's are the spawn area of both teams so please remove it before adding it in the event

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    Rejected bad map

    * We expect good maps. Rubbish maps with bunch of fences around a territory will be ignored.


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