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New 747-100/8i For GamerX IMG (REVIVAL)

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  • New 747-100/8i For GamerX IMG (REVIVAL)

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ID:	115697Sorry everyone. I posted a thread about a new Boeing 747-8i for GamerX server IMG. I didn't finish it because I was to busy studying, but now I'm going to revive that thread and make two now (GamerX Livery) for 747-8i and 747-100 I'm gonna finish it as fast I can this time. BTW the original model (DFF) I'm going to use is from Skylinegtrfreak. Visit his blog: or download them on GTAinside. I'm only going to make GamerX livery(txd) so now all you have to do is wait hehehe.
    I Reinvented The Design Once More Hope You Like It
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    If you want to suggest a new modification for GamerX IMG then post your theard here
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      How can I transfer my thread there I'm a noob in the forums sorry


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        Copy it from here and that image too and post there easy!

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