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Low quality Vehicle Replacement Sugestion

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  • Low quality Vehicle Replacement Sugestion

    im not typing much..
    but I think Vehicle mod in GamerX-Custom-IMG-File.rar its over to big..
    Which is make (Low PC) is lagging
    For Examples These


    in your game this will make you lagging so Big... and what's the other player see is Glitching cars when you use that vehicle

    So i recomended to use DFFs & TXDs lower than 1MB (i know its almost impossible to find DFFs like this)

    (my story)
    When im Newb in GX. i see some players Cars looks So Low, Glitching, Bounching and its really annoying.
    And When i use Turismo in /rt, some player pm me. he/she say: "Sir,, Can you change your car pliss? my game's lag when i see Turismo.".. if my mind is not wrong, Maxsafy is one who pm me and that glitching player
    so last 3 Month till now. i try to use that Mod. and yea. when someone sugest me to use /h in race. than other racer say "he use Mod". i ask "how did u know i use mod?", he answered "bcuz ur car's so Low and so much glitching".. if my mind is not wrong, B.O.S.S is that Racer who telll my glitch.
    untill now im still asking some other player (like a dumb) "do u see glitching on my car"

    #damn.. why i typing to much..

    The point is.
    Big Size Mods are Annoying for us (except if you have Godlike PC)..
    can you Update it into Low quality Mod?,, other feature like "IVF" and "Active Dashboard" is Useless in SAMP.
    just drift

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    Its's good as it is. Just it depends on your pc.


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      i use laptop
      just drift


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        Originally posted by ANWAR View Post
        i use laptop
        I also use my laptop, and its fine.


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          Originally posted by Toffee View Post
          I also use my laptop, and its fine.
          Yes i agree to toffee, i use it my my pc and it works fine ,if you are lagging then you can install the other GamerX mod which contains pob's (but no extra skins ).Or you can install mods frm GTA websites according to your requirement .
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            I too use it,it works fine buddy,if u r lagging remove it and try other mod according to ur pc/laptop


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              ys i do.
              i do that everytime...
              i just Got (and giving) a suggestion for GX IMG File..
              nothing else..
              you can use your own mod.. like what i do. i use my own mod. not in GX. depending your specs..
              i just try use GX img file sometime.

              and again,, i just giving my suggestion. nothing else.
              you want to use it,, its complitely user's choice.. im not force you to use it..
              i just giving my suggestion,. nothing else
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              just drift


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