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seggestion to make server better :D

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    +1 for the armour as it really makes sense or we just have to go to the /ammo ..
    and, nah -1, The PVP system should not be removed as it makes everything so damn boring if people who you're killing just tp's away or uses /healme


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      +1 For the armour command we need that since we have /healme why not that.Good suggestion

      -1 For pvp sistem it is the most helpfull thing in GX
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        Originally posted by [H
        itler_;n201060]Hello guys there i wanna suggest somethings
        1- There should be a command for getting armour like /armour (e.g as for health is /healme)
        2- Remove that P.V.P, make commands like that once we used /armour or /healme or /cars etc, then again we must wait 3/4 mints for using the same commands again even in fight.(but no need to change /t cmds)
        Example: check this video he used /vhealme and /varmour in fight
        I mean it should be like that we can use /cars and /healme and /armour(for armour) in fight then again we can't use it before 3 mins, then we can use it after 3 mins and 3 mints are enough.
        Thank You
        So your first suggestion is bassically to add an Command to receive armor instantly.

        First of all lets see the use of the /HEALME command:

        The command /Healme is used to heal an player that got low health and that isnot on a fight.

        Example : An player if freeroaming and lose some health after fall from a bridge, then he gonna use /Healme to refill the health.

        But on the case of armor command,The player would be nescessary on a fight to lose Armor, because even if you fall and lose HP, you wont lose Armor.

        Not good but also not bad,

        About the second suggestion

        Are you asking to remove PVP system?

        If yes you are asking for rulebreakers do whatever they want to.

        Plus if you armor command by some reason be accepted and the PVP be removed. The server gonna suffer by players using those commands to avoid death during fights. Think about it.

        Also if someone want to post any relevant reply in any kind of suggestion please dont forget this important Gx's Forum rule :

        7.3 Use common sense when on the forum. This means that you should refrain from making silly and useless posts such as "+1" or one word replies to posts.

        That's all i have to say
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          +1 for adding /armour CMD , -1 for removing PVP

          Stay Low , Move Fast , Kill First , Die Last.


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