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Hidden Pick up suggestion.

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  • Hidden Pick up suggestion.

    A lot of players, love HP. But some players are useing /sc commands and killing other players, in HP. Soo i suggest all players can have god mode in /HP or all players have dissabled /sc command in HP. It would bee a lot easyer to play.

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    I do not support this suggestion as you can simply ask an admin to disarm everyone, this could be told to them via pms or in main chat when a player uses commands such as /sc to get the weapon. Also it is very disadvantageous to have GM because a lot of times, some hidden pickups have areas where you either die or survive, having GM will confuse that system, therefore I disagree with that as well. Also GM in /hp has already been suggested but I don't think it had a lot of support. Perhaps it could work, but I think the way it works now is just fine.
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      Thats a good I dea. But it would have been alot better if you have had suggested about disabling all the cmds at /hp. Because some players spawn vehicles too.. Consequently admins get stacks reports. lol .. Which could be really annoying.. !!!!!


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        People will still use fists to hit each other, and, when you damage someone when you have GM on, an alert is shown in IRC and to admins, now think about a lot of new players, abusers and GXTempName punching each other? That would be a huge spam, so I disagree. Just ask an admin to disarm people on hp


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          Exactly as Northwest and eliteus said, look buddy! if admin's give everybody godmode in hp when they will even punch anybody their godmode will be disabled and admin's will get warning and there will be so much people and so much spam in server/irc, if admin's disarm the player's thats the best way they will still abuse it even with god mode on so i think its fine how it is going they are already watching all of that player's who are in HP admins with jetpack etc and even they give them punishment for doing this dming in hp car's and player's objects etc so i think its fine ho it is going.
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            Or maybe just don't give weapons on /sc, it should be given only when the player spawned... so instead it would show "The chosen weapon will be given next time you re-spawn" This will also remove the confusion of admin suspecting the player spawning weapon with cheats.
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              Rick has disallowed the usage of weapons in the last update which shouldn't lead to problems anymore. Exceptions are everywhere and can't be prevented at all.

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