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[IRC] #gamerx password set

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  • [IRC] #gamerx password set

    This has become really disturbing that due to some idiotic advertisers alot of players are facing the problem of irc chat. We (normal players with admins and tps excluded) are not able to chat on irc. This has happened like many times. Currently, GamerX channel is open for all on irc anyone can join it and anyone can mess up
    with it.
    My suggestion is for setting password on #gamerx channel.
    If concerned about knowing password, some requirements shall be set. Only those who successfully fulfilled those requirements will be allowed to authorize on irc. Requirements Like: Have at least 25 hours of time spent in game. And some other questions may be added further.
    Some may ask if there is no password command on irc or admins cannot add it. What I myself know is that ezzz is an operator of irc.
    At least this will stop advertisers from slogging their asses in here and some ****
    Everyone has different ideas and this was my idea.
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    Not needed. It will not only prevents the kid from joining #gamerx but it will prevents other irc users from joining that channel. Irc channels have a key (+k) system that is like a password.
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      That kind of suggestions, when you don't know what to suggest but you want posts.

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        Ahh no buddy i don't think so often people come on irc who don't play gx still they join irc and see the things its fine how it is..


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          It doesn't happen that often and if it happens we set the channel to moderate for only a day or less. I don't think its possible to set min requirements in our channels. We do not deal with irc anyways. It shouldn't be a problem not to chat from irc for some hours.

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