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Clan Fighting System

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  • Clan Fighting System

    Clan Wars System Must be Added to GX
    System would be Easy, Clans have to Register for fights On Weekends (Will Be Organised Once a Week) & will be Clan would be done 1 vs 1 (Randomly)
    It Will Be in Arena Form Semi-Finals Finals etc etc
    This Will Make More FUN WITH CLANS

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    This was suggested many times but i believe it's useless! We already have Group Duel which is a good point to make clan wars!


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      I believe that he's talking about something bigger than just 4v4 duels and such, I'll explain what I have in my mind since I were about to suggest something like this. He's referring to a "Clan War System".

      Suggestion: There should be a section on the forum called "Clan-Wars" where you can make a topic every time one of the leaders would like to call out another clan for a battle. Also like the ban appeals section, there'll be a sticky topic that you have to follow to post your topic. When that's done the leaders from the clans could discuss in the topic and decide about the time and the date, 4v4, 5v5, which interior or whatever. And also there should be 2-3 admins spectating the clan war to make sure that none of the players are cheating such as /tg'ing someone after they've died, etc. With a "Clan War System" like this could be very useful for the clans so they could get some points to their clan, etc. And then have like a topic about the "Clan War Scoreboard", where each time a clan wins they get points from the staff. Also a list with all the clans and their score below.

      I might suggest this in another topic if needed.
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        It has been suggested many times already. Please use the search function next time.

        Currently it's being discussed if we will improve the clan system or not - you gotta be patient.

        All in all gamerx ain't a server which got to do a lot with clans. There are already a lot of features which give players the opportunity to start a clan war without a system.

        Closed for now.
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