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  • Churre

    Username: Churre
    Admin who removed my status: Eliteus[27]
    Reason given: Aimbot Toggling....
    Other notes: That's true, i used aimbot and i was toggling, and i think this is the first tp appeal with reason of cheats... I'm sorry for that big mistake i've done, i won't do it again I swear! I learned from my mistake, so i won't do it again, give me another chance please... I hope i can have the second or last chance...

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    It's the only chance you will get, otherwise I myself will make sure you stay banned. I would give your status back, but what you did is a huge mistake and also you were jailed a few weeks ago due to rulebreak, also I see some raging from you from time to time. Personally, if I was you, I wouldn't apply for a long time (like 4-5 months) - Most admins and I still don't trust you, so you need to improve BIG TIME in order to regain our trust. You can apply whenever you may will.
    Last edited by Eliteus; 23-05-17, 05:41 PM.


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      Okay, thanks for giving me the chance to apply... I will improve, and yes, i got jailed for knifing an admin, but that was accidentally, i said it in the moment


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