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  • Maraz Appeal

    Username: MaRaZ
    Admin who removed my status: Eliteus
    Reason give: I don't know really but he knows
    Other Notes: How is explain to "Depression" I had my problems life so I did many things "bullyshit" eehm If I broke hearts "Sorry"

    Also I tired from these formats I have so much apply
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    Originally posted by Maraz View Post
    Reason give: I don't know really but he knows
    You should know the reason. Try to figure out what you did yourself, until then I won't give you even a reapply date. No matter how "depressed" you are, doesn't mean you chat shit bruv smh.


    Originally posted by Trusted Player Discussion > Admin General Discussion

    Seems by all that, that he doesn't care about his level so he was going on in a rage mode. I even asked him if he was having a bad day, also asked him many times if he wanted to be demoted and he just kept continuing insulting like a kid instead of giving a direct answer. Not TP worthy at all. Now the ingame logs:

    Such provocative behaviour. Warned ingame to sort out his behaviour, went to IRC to tell him to sort out his behaviour but he just didn't stop. Not TP Worthy player.

    I might unban him tomorrow. Let him think about his behaviour today.
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      he just kept continuing insulting like a kid instead of giving a direct answer
      It's so funny I don't need explain... he says true I just want to ask you a question - how old are you? (Send pm on forum or can talk at phone)

      If I tried this post for irc cuz I can't talks on channel I played here many years I know I have faults "If can i take only +voice.will be happy for that" cuz I never abused it (Anyone admin can answer on pm) Not Elit Kid

      That's your.. I respect your decision Thanks.


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        Calling me a kid again? Lol you can forget about becoming TP mate.


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          Well you wrote "kid" ass well Eliteus back there too so yeah don't go mad because he called you kid as well but i completly understand you. Anyways it's up to level 9+ will someone be banned from being a TP and higher levels.

          Maraz , you should stop being a dick person and act like you are the smartest person here, you should also start respecting Admins, TPs and Players.

          Since you didn't learn anything from your demotion and yet you are completly inactive ,you may post your Trusted Player application in 2 months.

          P.S for Admins, when demoted user creates an TP appeal you can write them this(tell them) that they can post :TP appeal in 1 month, TP application in 1 month, TP application when ever they want.
          For other things you need to contact level 9+ and ask for their permision (banning person from being level 2, more than 1 month waiting etc)


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