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  • DiscolouredFrog

    Username: DiscolouredFrog
    Admin who removed my status: Delija
    Reason given: He accused me of ban evading, which isn't true.
    Other notes: My ban appeal is still active, so I apologize if I am not meant to be posting this appeal, although I checked with Robo to make sure it was okay. Delija has not been active recently, and I am wanting to get my Trusted Player status back sooner rather than later, considering I am innocent. I hope you believe me, and decide to give my status back soon.

    Reminder: I don't deny using a proxy/VPN, what I do deny is doing anything bad with that proxy/VPN. I am not evading any bans, I have never been banned in GamerX apart from this time and one other time which was a mistake by the admin (I think it was Admin Instant - typed in the wrong ID and banned me instead of the hacker).
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    Owners are against to give you your level 2 back.

    Contact Owner Stefan about your status.

    How ever if it's up to me i'd let you reapply after some time, but you'll need to contact Owner Stefan and talk with him about your status.


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