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Hoia's Application.

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  • Hoia's Application.

    Username: [spEc]Hoia
    Any previous names: Hoia,[Ask]Hoia
    Registered: 2007 (in game) Forums:since 2017 but I had an old accound but seems like it disappered through the changes here.
    IRC Nickname (if any): only Hoia
    Time spent in-game (hours): 141

    Extra notes:Im here since 2007,I know not everybody knows me since im an old school player,and back in the days I used to play sometimes on gx,since I was a DMer and played clan wars and A/D servers thats I could c bug (in the past c bug wasn't allowed in GX).
    I just came back before 1 month and half from inactivity of 3 or 4 years,and Im happy to see GX is still banging with new admins and players.
    I know I need to report more in game and be more helpful on forums,but Im promise I'll work on that cases.
    I really love this server and Im so grateful for Lina that conviced me to return to play.

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    Aside from being a decent player, you stated the issue here yourself:

    I know I need to report more in game and be more helpful on forums,but Im promise I'll work on that cases.
    Personally, I see you helping however not very much, reports I don't see a lot of either. The reason I am being picky is, most Trusted Players stop helping after getting Trusted status, so there is practically no "effort" needed to be a Trusted Player. Therefore I expect good from Trusted Player candidates, seeing them put a considerable amount of effort into trying to get the status by helping well, reporting from time to time and also being active on forums ie. suggesting features, responding to others suggestions, answering questions in QnA section etc. Don't get me wrong, continue with your behaviour, you are a chilled player who is nice to talk to, it's just I'd love to see some effort put into helping others and contributing a tiny bit for the server. No from me, only for now - there's always a next time.


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      Aight,I understand your point.

      Edit (19.4):I would like to see more Admins's opinion no matter whats their vote.
      Thanks Hoia.
      Last edited by Hoia; 19-04-17, 02:18 PM.


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        I checked the IRC logs about 2,3 days ago and it has helpful actions to newbies and reports. I checked the IRC logs about 6,7 days ago too (it showed low activity in helping only).
        Since you are one of the oldest players at Gamerx and knows rules well, i will give you a chance, Yes from me.


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          Thank for the chance,Panzehir.
          Won't disappoint you,


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            As admin PANZEHIR said, you deserve to be given a chance of becoming a trusted player, "not reporting a lot" argument is pretty useless and obsolete, since hackers aren't seen in every minute specially whilst you're wandering around, Lorsimon explained some time ago that not reporting a lot doesn't have any relation with player's performance, hackers don't appear in every corner, specially for someone who doesn't DM (Just an example )

            Yes from me.


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              Thank you,Blackbird


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                * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): thanks sir for rejecting my TP application
                * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): sir i love admins like u


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