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    Username: Marium Any previous names: [M]arium, Nela
    Registered: 2016
    IRC Nickname (if any): Marium
    Time spent in-game (hours): 820 h

    So this is my 7th app, I improved the way i help, and you may have seen the increase of valid reports, i changed my behaviour trying to ignore dramas as hard as i can, And i think i'm ready for this status.
    Last edited by Marium; 27-12-17, 08:30 AM.
    People get mad when you treat them how they treat you.

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    I see you ingame helping and reporting, so I think I will give you a chance,
    don't make me regret it
    There arent racers nowdays, there are ragequitters.


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      You have changed a lot recently as charger said, so i think you deserve a chance. It's Yes.


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        I also think you are doing everything well. You are helpful and report whilst being active on forums. Yes from me.
        Deux Sept - 2 7


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          Nothing against you so you have my vote..Also i would like to encourage you to assist players when you can even after you are accepted (in case) unlike some TPs these days. Trusted Players are just like verified helpers so its always nice when you can play your role. Good luck!
          the 2 7 squad


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            Thanks alot for all the votes!
            People get mad when you treat them how they treat you.


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              You have improved a lot since your last application in terms of helping players and reporting where needed.

              Yes from me , good luck.


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                Reasons above, yes from me too.
                Originally posted by Vishwajit
                I like to play samp and see 18+ dont mind

                i am 8 years old never mind


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                  Thanks again for the votes
                  People get mad when you treat them how they treat you.


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