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  • Nikola's Application

    Username: Nikola._
    Any previous names: nikola_nikola.. and nikola_nikola.
    Registered: 2017
    IRC Nickname (if any): nikola_nikola
    Time spent in game (hours): 581 hours

    Extra informations: I think I'm ready to become a tp player. otherwise this is my 3rd application for tp player.

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    Well, i think you were doing pretty good by working on the points that we mentioned in your last application. So it's a positive vote from me, good luck.


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      You improved, responded positively to feedback given in your previous application. Yes from me.


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        Thank you for vote.Should I wait for more admins to evaluate?


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          Pretty active, haven't seen you breaking rules either. Also i am sure you have been helping around in your language, It will be really unfair to give you a negative just because you don't speak english as on everything else you are doing fine. Positive from me either.
          the 2 7 squad


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            Thank you.Although I do not know very well English I am in the help of who needs it and therefore I am improving my English language.


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                I see you improved much better from the past, but i still see you are doing childish actions still which is not acceptable to be a Trusted Player.

                [18/02 - 15:58:46] <@GX-11> 2[41] 7Nikola._: all /report 48 aimbot
                [18/02 - 15:54:50] <@GX-11> 2[41] 7Nikola._: all /report 5 aimbot
                [15/02 - 20:58:40] <@GX-14> 2[8] 7Nikola._: lol fre/q
                ^^ Thats not a really TP behavior, and should not be done. If you see cheater around? you can record him and post on "player reports". If the video is not really clear? (ofc action may not be taken).
                For me you need still more time... its a No from me.

                EDIT: Also 2,3 days ago i heard you were asking Admin Evil_ to check your TP application via Forum PM which it show impatience.
                Anyways Izayoi was faster than me with 7 minutes while tracking logs on #gamerx channel. Congratulations!
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