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Second application for Trusted Player

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  • Second application for Trusted Player

    Username: [BD]0bese
    Any previous names: [CTF]0bese, [CTF]Riyad, bhurialakhanki
    Registered: 2015
    IRC Nickname (if any): Obese
    Time spent in-game (hours): 400+ hours

    I would like to apologize to all admins because of asking for CTF events all the time, it's just that I love these events and I like to play them at least once a day with my friends together. I try to be helpful now as much as possible, I try not to break rules and report other players by helping the admins catch them. I have even made an HP map and a CTF map for the server, both have been played quite some times, I will make more in the coming future hopefully. Hope I don't get rejected for asking for ShipCTF. XD


  • #2
    It's been 5 days no replies, I am thinking already that this is a no but still I will wait for the admins to respond to my application.


    • #3
      You seem to be reporting cheaters and helping, Yes


      • #4
        I would like to give you a chance based on your activity and reports and much more. I don't know about others, but I love loading CTF events (except ship :<) for you guys. Yes from me, good luck.
        Fuck labels.


        • #5
          Yes from me, too. Since you report cheaters, help players and in general just a nice guy


          • #6
            You're active, helpful, friendly and you report cheaters/rulebreakers. Yes !


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              Nothing else to add in what's been said above.

              Yes from me too ! GL
              ...Mi nuh waan nuh hyprocrits talk to mi, Mi nuh trust plastic smiles
              Waan see yuh dead n a smile inna backative style, talk dem do all di while...
              ...Nuff a dem tek life fi joke, Dem nuh know dem purposes
              Dem put diable before everything n blessing turn up surplus...


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                I've seen you reporting and helping a lot and got nothing against you.
                It's a yes from me as well, good luck!


                • #9
                  You are sure active ingame, but still need more time to learn and control yourself, like yesterday you said /q when someone asked how to leave (from event), and /k in chat instead of pming...

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                    Yeah I am very sorry about that but from next time I will pm the command to them.


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