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3rd Trusted Player Application | Glator

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  • 3rd Trusted Player Application | Glator

    Username: Glator[M4]
    Any previous names: Dex
    Registered: End of 2012
    IRC Nickname (if any): Glator
    Time spent in-game (hours): 491 hours.

    I am active in game, forum as well as IRC. I do help as much as i can and try not to miss any questions i have seen. I do report the cheaters and rule breakers as soon as i see them. I am not breaking any rules and i abide by the rules. I guide new players in case they need help and assistance. I do respect the admins, as well as all players no matter they are a newbie or an old player. Since my activity i haven't been warned or jailed or punished for anything because i am doing what i am supposed to do. Hoping for a positive response; Thank you for your time.
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    I will give you a chance. You are doing a great job.

    Positive vote from me


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      You've been working so hard for this status as I've noticed last few weeks, all requirements are met altogether; being active, helping and assisting admins at reporting cases which I really like to see for fellow players who aim to be a trusted player one day throughout their journey just like you.

      I gotta admit I wont feel happy if I didn't leave a vote in this application as you deserve it a lot, so a positive vote is right to be posted in here.

      Yes from me.

      Good luck!


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        I've seen you give concise answers to even the simplest questions and I like that. Helpful, mature and a decent person. Yes from me
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          Helpful,active and you do report rulebreaker's/hacker's
          Yes from me.
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            One of the few "TP-ready" players. Yes from me

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              You have improved a lot. I see you working hard to get our trust and I hope you will keep up your good work.

              * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): thanks sir for rejecting my TP application
              * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): sir i love admins like u


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                You are very helpful and i recive a lot of reports from you

                yes from me too


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