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6th TP appeal

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  • 6th TP appeal

    Username: Wolfdude_HF
    Any previous names: Cama. - Cama - Bob_spray - WolFdude
    Registered: 2016
    IRC Nickname (if any): WolFdude_HF
    Time spent in-game (hours): 422 h

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    As i see you are not really helping in-game. I noticed some weak helps like "/car" "/withdraw" "/report" "/ssb" which is nothing almost. The idea is try to give better explanations about these commands. For example: "type /car to spawn an infernus", "type /rocket to get yourself a rocket weapon". Also your reports are not really active, in case of you are always active in-game.
    Its a No from me.
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      No from me.

      - Not active on forums
      - Not reporting a lot
      - Helping but not too much, I want to see more
      - You are active

      Deux Sept - 2 7


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        To be honest i do see some helps and reports from you but as Eliteus and Panzehir said it's really rare, that means u should work more on helping people in your own ways not just telling them 1 or 2 words and that's all, also try to be more active in forums, by replying to other people suggestions and problems. Trust me if u Worked on these things you will absolutely get my yes next time, for now i am sorry to say it's no.



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          You are active but I don't see much help or many reports from you lately, not to mention I recently warned you about killing jailed players.

          No from me.


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            You may reapply on July 22nd, 2017.
            * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): thanks sir for rejecting my TP application
            * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): sir i love admins like u


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