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Apply for trusted player (fay)

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  • Apply for trusted player (fay)

    Username: fay
    Any previous names: N/A
    Registered: 2016 I
    RC Nickname (if any):fay
    Time spent in-game (hours): 142h
    give me a chance to prof my self =) best regards! thanks..

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    You seem to look like a good player, but you still need some more time to improve yourself, and so that admins can get to know more about you. Try to stay active as much as you can, and keep being helpful in game and here in the forum as well. Sorry to say, but it's NO for now, hopefully if u do what i mentioned above, you will certainly get my yes next time.

    Edit: you were supposed to re-apply on 23 November, but it's not 23 yet. Thanks to Krrish for reminding me
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      Denied, You may reapply on 15th December 2017.


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