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  • tp application

    Username: [S]ana
    Any previous names: Cpt.sana
    Registered: 10-12-2015
    IRC Nickname (if any):sana990
    Time spent in-game (hours): 300+ hours
    If you do not like a rule follow it reach on top and change it

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    To be honest, i never knew you existed. Guess you need some more time reporting and helping out so that you get on the radar and so we know you are doing something for level 2, sorry i can't give you a yes this time.
    the 2 7 squad


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      No from me. You just came back from inactivity and I want to see more from you. Also although you are active on forums, I would like to see you refrain from posting silly posts such as the one linked above. It was simply a few weeks ago.
      Deux Sept - 2 7


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        I saw you helping and reporting, you are doing it well but what the other admins say it's true, you have just come from your inactivity.

        Keep it up, keep playing, try to don't write post like eliteus said, and you will have my yes next time!


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          Denied, You may reapply on 28th December 2017.


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