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    Username: [UMH]Viet
    Any previous names: [UMH]Phi_Viett, Charlie.
    Registered: 2017
    IRC Nickname (if any): i dont have it
    Time spent in-game (hours): 265 h

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    I don't see you putting any major effort to earn this status. You are active ingame, have decent reports sent, but on the other hand can't say the same about your forum activity also no IRC account registered. Work on these cons.

    My vote is negative.


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      Well you're improving on the way becoming a TP but you still need more time ,There are a lot of things you need to improve on such as helping and reporting more, try to be more active in-game and being more helpful, if you can be patient and keep it up, i will give you positive vote next time. No this time.

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        To be honest, I only see you deathmatching all the time, with an average amount of reports from time to time. I don't see much helping either, whether that is ingame or forums. So try to make yourself helpful, continue reporting the way you are and contribute more to the community. No from me.
        Deux Sept - 2 7


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          Denied, You may reapply on 15th January 2018.


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