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2nd TP App

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  • 2nd TP App

    Username: Amazing_Guy[BtK]
    Any previous names: The_Amazing_Guy
    Registered: 2016
    IRC Nickname (if any): The_Amazing_Guy
    Discord Username/Discriminator Tag: Amazing_Guy[BtK]
    Time spent in-game (hours): 254 hours

  • #2
    Since no one's replying up here,I would like to share my view towards you.The progress of yours compared to your previous application has improved a lot,trying quite hard to help players as much as you can but the thing which binds me from giving you a positive vote is your amount of reports and being an annoyer.Improve in all these aspects which you lack in which would force me to give you a positive vote.


    • #3
      TYSM Zed And about my behaviour and reports I will try try to improve myself


      • #4
        I have to vote NO also. The thing you did when I enabled godmode for you was not good; provoking Golden and Whithes because they couldn't kill you.

        You are good in other areas except that you do annoy people as Zed mentioned. Be more mature is all I can say.



        • #5
          Ok NP Declan about my behaviour I will try to really try improve myself


          • #6
            Denied, You may reapply on 15th June 2018.


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