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    Have a question regarding something gamerx/sa-mp related? Cool. Please follow these steps before posting:

    1. Use the handy search tool in the top right corner of this page.
    2. Is it a simple question? Ask ingame, maybe someone can help you fast.
    3. Can't get ingame for some reason? Try asking people on our #gamerx irc channel.
    4. Is your question relating a pirated version of the game not working? STOP, we do not tolerate discussions of warez/pirated software. Take it somewhere else.
    5. Is it a question about getting admin status? Answer: no. We will contact you if we wish to make you an admin.
    6. Is it a question about becoming a TP? Read this to make sure you meet the requirements and post in the correct section.
    7. Is it a question related to you being banned? Post your ban appeal HERE

    PLEASE, if you have resolved your issue in a topic, reply and let the rest of us know how you did it. It will help someone in the future if they have a similar issue to yours. This is not a rule but more of a guideline and would help everyone out

    Good day.

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