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Epic_sans. 's Unban Appeal

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  • [BANNED] Epic_sans. 's Unban Appeal

    IG Name: Epic_sans.
    Who banned me: Joseriul
    Time: I don't remember,maybe yesterday
    Reason: Evade
    Added Info: First of all I am not the same person no more,and this is my first days here in this server Joseriul misunderstanding and thought I am the same person,well I am not My real Name is Ahmed and my age is 14 years (I will be 15 tommorow because it's my birthday ) It's pleasure to meet you,Gamer X society ,so I need an unban for the account because I didn't do anything wrong,I didn't ever break any rule and my warns is 0,so this is not a way to welcome a new member in your society,Gamer X so please unban me for fair treat,if you won't unban the account unban only the IP so I can join
    That's all have a nice day,people

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    You got your answers already.

    Stop playing dumb with us. Making new forum accounts wont help you

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