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[Delija] Bann appeal

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  • [UNBANNED] [Delija] Bann appeal

    Your name ingame:Faris007
    The time/date your ban occurred:12.6.2017
    The name of the Admin that banned youelija
    The reason of the ban:Cao zdravo
    Extra information you would like to add: I was saying " BITCHES "and " FUCK YOU" , i was already banned once , PLEASe unban me , im playing on this server 3 years , i wont do it again if i do it ban me permanently.
    Last edited by Charger; 13-06-17, 02:52 PM.

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    1) Faris007 banned by Admin Delija on 2017-06-12 23:33:40 for Cao zdravo
    Wait for Delija's reply.


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      You got unbanned like 3 days ago and yet you are still swearing and insulting and also "fuck you and bitches" is not only what you wrote , there was much more and you also got warned many times by Admins.

      Temp banned till friday.


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        Due to Delija didn't reply here for some days, I asked another management about you, so it's done, you are unbanned.

        Don't waste this chance because this could be the last one.

        Success Charger, the account for player name Faris007 has been unbanned (in GamerX v4).


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