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[BEER] Ban Appeal - Ezequiel

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  • [UNBANNED] [BEER] Ban Appeal - Ezequiel

    Your name ingame: Ezequiel_834[LK]
    The time/date your ban occurred: 14-11-17 19:25 (Screenshot: )
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Beer
    The reason of the ban: Aimbot
    Extra information you would like to add:

    First of all, I never use any kind of cheats. Second, do you have any proof that I use it? Why i can't be a pro player? I play SAMP since more than 1 year, and I know how to fight. And another thing, if the players in the server are a noobs, it isn't my problem, they only fight with 2 shoots and cbug, and i don't like that bugs.

    Please unban me, it was a mistake from Beer i think.


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    Ezequiel_834[LK] (ID:68) has been banned by Admin Beer[AK] (ID:4) for aimbot
    Wait adminBeer to reply here.


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      Mistake? No. I don't have proofs, and I don't have too. I got my eyes.

      Not going to discuss things here, you already know the truth, not going to waste my time in trying to make you admit it or not.

      The following things will happen.
      - Admit it and you will be unbanned 24 hours later.
      - Keep lying and you will be temporarily banned for 1 week.

      Now you know what will happens. I will not reply anymore in this thread. Only to make the final decision. I can only make that when you followed the steps I've mentioned above.


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        Why i have to say a thing that i don't have? I AM NOT AIMBOT. Why i have to admit it if i've never used anything? I do not lie, I think that all players that know me, know that i don't use it. The hacks are for NOOBS, and I am not one.

        I think u see bad, you do not know differentiate the players that use hacks and the players that do not use it?

        Like i said above, I will not admit a thing that I haven't.

        I hope you or other admin will unban me, because it was a mistake.

        (Sorry for my bad english, I speak spanish)


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          What is the final decision then?


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            I do not know what he will do. And I do not know how he is admin if he do not know how to differentiate the players that use aimbot from the players that don't use it, like i said.
            He will ban me again if i will become to the server? An Admin should not make these mistakes.
            I think he is angry with me because he only can kill me cbugging or with 2 shoots.

            Maybe I need to wait, for after get ban again because the same noob admin?


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              Angry for a game? You don't know what you talking about. I'm pretty sure that I am much older then you are. Watch your words before you replying here son.

              I already told you what will happen if you continue lying. Read my previous post.

              And if you continue insulting me, you will be permanent banned.


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                My idiom is spanish.

                I said you that I don't lying, I am not a cheater.

                I have some questions, How do u check that you are right and the player is aimbot (or not)? Is it lottery? If u guess, good; if you fail, bad for the player. Anyway the only one affected I am, because a fail that the admin cannot recognize, this is embarrassing.

                And I ain't insulting you, is only a way to say the true. If it hurts you, I'm sorry.

                I insist, you're wrong about this ban.

                I know that u want to make me permanent ban, but you are mistaken.

                If i need to wait, then i'll wait...

                Finally, if u have proof about this joke, i want to see it.

                See you
                Last edited by Ezequiel_834; 17-11-17, 05:51 PM. Reason: correct errors


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                  Perhaps giving him the benefit of the doubt would suffice here.
                  Fuck labels.


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                    If there is an Admin who can unban him for me, please do it as I'm not able to do it by my own due IRC issues I've.

                    I'm still sure that you used hacks, but everyone deserves at least a second chance. IF I am wrong I will apologize for it. Only you and Allah knows if you were using hacks. I am 100 percent sure for what I saw with MY eyes.


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                      [15:21:36] <@GX-01> * The IP Address 186.*.***.*** has been unbanned (in GamerX v4)...
                      [15:21:36] <@GX-01> * Ezequiel_834[LK] previously banned by Admin Beer[AK] on 2017-11-14 19:25:54 for aimbot
                      [15:21:40] <@GX-14> * Success Charger, the account for player name Ezequiel_834[LK] has been unbanned (in GamerX v4).


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