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    Before you mention my name and blackbird's first get your history of how much we dedicated in dm in samp how many CLAN wars we have been to how many fps games we play daily in brief case "git gud" and stop cheating.


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      This ban appeal case has received a special inspection from me.

      There was a test performed to clear out doubts, but while the test session, there were some arguments in admin discussions.
      He's clearly proven that he's clean after my analysis to server and client data. I can guarantee this and this is not a lie, this is also fair (since we all agreed).

      One thing i advice for you Churre is stop modding things, you don't know what you actually mod. It's good that you keep game stuff clean and able to proof what was it like in the videos.
      However, i will not allow you to play with proxy/vpn (you know i know it from the inspection ).

      To those who seek for details and proof or feels like this is unfair, feel free to ask any Management, the proof and details are available for them since it contains private and sensitive data where these test wouldn't be possible if my initiative was broken by public. I just hope you don't have doubts on our managements too ? (or even what the server says )

      Also due to your kinda bad behavior, either the one appearing in videos for rulebreaking or the behavior you done when the test (hard to instruct/control), your trusted player status is not returned but you may appeal it after a month.

      You are unbanned. Please leave any hatred on people against you, as they were just misunderstood. This will be lesson for us all. Use this chance well and i hope you don't go out showing off this. I'm also sorry if there was some mistake or rudeness when we did the test/inspection.
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