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  • [UNBANNED] Unbanned Me.

    Your name ingame:AvenGeer
    The time/date your ban occurred:Today
    The name of the Admin that banned you:[S]olaimane
    The reason of the ban:had enough for that shit
    Extra information you would like to add: That Ban Is Unfair cuz when solaimane told me last time record and send me the vedio i do and Please Unban Me

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    I actually banned you before Solaimane but it was your alt account. I thought that since you used same IP it would ban your original account too.

    You stayed off the server for a few days in the hope that I would forget banning you and wouldn't remember that Legandry. is you (Avengeer.)

    You were clearly aimbotting. You were aiming at players through objects at /mg3.

    I have recordings of it but can't get on my PC because USB ports not working and my keyboard and mouse go in there.

    I think your alt account name was ''Legandry.'' if that's how it's spelt.



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      Hello Declan.

      If You Remmber I told you i gonna use Another Account in Private Messege, And I gonna open it just for play to kill another's guys

      And You didn't Banned me in i'm Just Off and i use My Account AvenGeer and i'm open GamerX every Day But i was open it for Some Minutes

      Because i was Playing Another Game

      And I Upload Proof And Im Not aimbot/Auto-cbug Please Unban me
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        Hello there, First thing I'd like to say is that, it's not the first time nor the second time that you get banned. If you remember few months ago when you used to play with the name "Ahlawy", you were getting banned almost everyday and you clearly know the reason why you were getting banned which is aimbot, you even admitted that yourself when we were both talking on discord and you said that you had an aimbot before, so what's the difference between then and now? and we got this ban right here in which you admitted that you had an aimbot.
        i admit i used aimbot sorry, please give me another chance
        Something else, is that no one of those 2 videos that you recorded with your phone are valid because half of them is blurry, and you didn't show your san andreas folder which is really important, plus there's an application on the left of your samp application in the taskbar that looks like an aimbot, but it doesn't really matter as i still got somethings to say.

        The funny thing is that it's not even 1 month since your last ban. However, let's move and talk the video which you have posted, i downloaded your video that is supposed to be your evidence, but in fact it only shows how shit you are bad at hiding your aimbot. Anyway, i made the video in a slow motion to make it clear enough.
        For a guy who doesn't even know where he's aiming at and can't even do a rapid c bug, that's a clear aimbot right there, not only that but also you are trying so hard to make your c bug faster to cover your aimbot.
        Now i'm going to post a video that contains some of the duels that we did today and hopefully you will watch it till the end. I don't need to add or explain anything about the video that i'll be posting because i've done that in the video itself.
        Moreover, i would add this even tho it doesn't seem to be that important, but few days ago when you were dueling with the player Showtime, you almost killed him in like 5 or 6 duels even tho he was running and going an incredible litefoot. Admin Heartbeat was there and he saw everything.
        Finally.You have been given a lot of chances, but unfortunately you have wasted all of them, so i don't see any point from giving you another one now.
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        • Robo_N1X
          Robo_N1X commented
          Editing a comment
          For his video:
          I'm pretty sure you know how i design the spawn position of warehouse to make it easy for instant first shot (You don't even need to aim, just click), i see it was wrong step you did by crouching instead going opposite direction, please don't judge from how many damage you got from there, as it's really easy to do that. He can do the combo 2 times which may be lucky as you are running to the right, but failed the third try
          Of course you can call it "toggle" if his cheat was some kind on background though.

          For your 1st video:
          Please that was useless to do, slow motion the video will just lose you frames, there is already built-in speed chooser in youtube. Also his video quality is worser, yet you try to encode + decode it back it will just make it worser.

          For 2nd video though:
          The middle part: up/down left/right key + animation update IS NOT EQUAL to weapon update, you can't determine if someone is aiming at with just the hand movement, you can only determine it from their camera. When you aim with weapon, your hand follows the aim but it has rotation limit, the same with /headmove, when you move your head, it doesnt always follow the camera quickly, and it's also has rotation limit.
          The last part: He didn't "shoot" after you died, it just registered late. You can see it clearly that he shot you 2 times and you hit him back 1 time, but in textdraw it hints that you got 1 hit, you hit him once, and you got hit again then he is stunned when your virtual world changes. Take a note that when player streams out, it does not take off the shot that was already fired from disappearing.

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        Hello At First Yes i was Join with Account Name Ahlawy dont say you was getting banned every day because this is not really and you know i make twice or 3 account at first i hacking and i said to you i'll not hacking again and yes i admit when HeartBeat banned me because i didn't have any proof's so and you can see the vedio and you make me laugh because you show me this screen shot This is bandicut and i uninstall it

        On Your Vedio you make it slow while i playing you didn't shot or moving and the proof on my vedio here and in first kill in your vedio as i said i'm dont play well and i shot you and you didn't moving lol why you want me to fail lol? im srs you didn't moving bro and the problem with you in the vedio this bandicut lol dude all had a skills as i said you are not only pro at this game and i make my proof here you can see the task manger and every thing and you can see the cbug that's all please unban me
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          I didn't understand any of the things you said there except for that program which has no icon, but again that was just something i noticed in your video and thought of pointing it out. As i said back there in my post you didn't watch the whole video and the only thing you saw there was the photo i posted. You said that by yourself, you got banned by me several times when you used the name ahlawy and you got banned by Heartbeat not even 1 month ago, and got banned by admin Declan, so what else? the video i posted up there shows everything and how that you were toggling that shit, posting the same video again that shows nothing except for your blurry laptop screen won't prove anything, you are still doing the same bullshit as you did in Heartbeat's video when he caught you using an auto c bug+ an an aimbot, I've been playing here for almost 5 years and I know who's using his real skills and who's using a poor shitty aimbot to look skilled, one more thing is that Me, Heartbeat, Eliteus we all saw you toggling that shit so you just gotta give up, admit it or not it's still obvious that you were toggling an aimbot and the more obvious thing is that whenever i was telling you that we'll have the last duel, you were like "no let's go for one more" and whenever you say that, you become pro.
          You have wasted all of your chances, now you can stay banned.


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            look solaimane when i spawn in warhouse in duel i do [Aim+shot]Quickly so , and you in that video you posted you weren't moving from ur place so what do you expect? i can kill you easily ofc, when i weren't moving you killd me with 6 shots like i did so.. i don't know Why are you convinced you are the only one pro in game, there are many players are pros also, and here we go i do some vedio while i playing and i show task manger
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              You ban evaded today.


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                Im Not Ban Evading i just join with my Account AvenGeer and Evil told off it's ban evading i was think im unbanned that's all


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                  I will finish this by saying that you are one of the biggest liars here. You came on discord and started spamming me with pms while you could've said everything here, Also when i asked you why did you use an auto c bug + aimbot last month when Heartbeat banned you, you said that it was admin Evil who told you to say that you had an aimbot to get unbanned. He didn't tell you to say that, admin Evil told you to admit the truth and you may get unabnned. I don't know why would you do such a thing, here's one of you pms when you talking to me yesterday on discord.
                  AvenGeer-Yesterday at 10:37 PM
                  If I use it again ban me perm.
                  Wllahy ma hast3ml aimbot tany
                  However, i didn't want to response as i told you to say what you want here instead of discord. After 6 or 7 hours you sent me another pm saying.
                  wnata 2oltle 2ol ank aimbot 2olt we sm3t klamk ma3ne mst3mlt4 7aga
                  .In english "you told me to say that i have used an aimbot, and i said that", when did i tell you to say that? you did the same thing to Evil, when he told you to admit the truth.
                  Anyway, this will be my last reply here, you clearly knows that you had an aimbot and it's shown in that video, but you keep on lying, you said that you've gotten unbanned just because admin Evil told you to say that you had an aimbot, while the video that theyy have posted shows clearly that you were using an auto c bug. You can stay banned.


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                    Which Proof Do you want and Unbanned me?after this proof what do you want ? i show my skills and my task manger? what do you want again? you just talk and saying aimbot and auto cbug now you can see here in the vedio my skills


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                      Solaimane Bro please unban me


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                        that video which you have uploaded doesn't prove anything as it's blurry and you didn't show your samp folder at all. So if you want to get unbanned you'll have to record a real life video showing everything, such as your task manager, your samp folder, and if your skills don't match the ones you had before, you won't get unbanned.


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