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    A loud Appeal!

    Your name ingame: _Vishwajit_
    The time/date your ban occurred: Right now as on - 3:45 ~ 14-06-18
    The name of the Admin that banned you: idk
    The reason of the ban: IDK
    Extra information you would like to add: IDK when today i wanted to join the server i got message "server closed the connection" if am banned by a admin pls can i know the reason? if not? then why am i banned? Does Galaxy used to login with my acc to ban it lel help me!
    Screen Shot:

    This page displays the player stats for "_Vishwajit_" from the GamerX Server.

    Player Name: _Vishwajit_
    Level: 1
    Time Spent Ingame: 12769 minutes (212.82 hours - 8.87 days)
    Account Banned?: Yes.

    Last Login: 2018-06-13 15:27:44
    Last Logout: 2018-06-13 15:28:03
    Currently Logged In?: No.

    Kills: 4103
    Admin Kills: 92
    Deaths: 5146
    Money: $833437953
    Banked Money: $769504291
    Cookies: 6868
    Cakes: 1832
    Biscuits: 219
    Icecreams: 518

    Vehicle Speed Boost Multiplier: 1.3
    Vehicle Jump Up Value: 0.3

    GodMode Enabled?: No.

    Skin ID: 141 View Skin

    Player Color: 23 View Colors

    Use Daymode?: No.
    My Time Hour: 10

    Extra Spawn Weapon ID: 24
    Extra Spawn Weapon Ammo: 300

    Ramp Type: 1 View Ramp
    Ramp Distance: 25 metres
    Ramp Time: 3 seconds

    Object Move Amount: 1.00000000 metres
    Last Selected Player Object: 0
    Last Created Player Object: 34
    Road Tripper?: Yes.
    Use AFOB?: No.
    Use MyPaint?: No.
    MyPaint Color 1: -1
    MyPaint Color 2: -1
    Footer TextDraw Showing?: No.
    What you expected here?

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    _Vishwajit_ banned by Admin BoL on 2018-06-13 15:33:58 for auto c bug toggle
    You have been banned by admin BoL, please wait for his reply.


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      AUTO CBUG?!!!!!? I have been banned for auto-cbug before! i dont have it see this video it proves what auto looks like compaired to MANUAL CBUG even pro players on our server like HoocK Tran and many More Knows about my cbug! WHY WILL I USE IT!
      check out this video maybe he was laggin nd saw something wired some of my bullets sound doesnt came up idk why i think thats why he ban me But i didnt ever auto cbug after ChargeR's Ban! and if you want you can still check my cbug on other places! i wont admit it like i did in Muaaz's Ban i am tired of being banned for my CBUG getting message from others AM BANNED FOR AUTO-CBUG!? my FPS stays 100 and 99 in warehouse in Ship ctf its very rare for my fps to even touch 70 FPS heres a video cbug 340 FPS vs Cbug 60 fps that BoL Saw I was getting 67 or like fps in the event

      And if you want more proves i can give you! Its my skills ! None of cheats! You can ask any guy on server more than Tran , HoocK , Krrish Like Viet (banned) or r69 if i use or not!

      Edit+P.S. If you want you can check me at The Test Server no excuses!
      P.S.2 As a Side of banned Client i want proofs of my "auto-cbug speed" i will tell what it looks like i am not noob like before to cry and grow on powers of cheats!
      P.S.3 I use Low resolution for high FPS in every place my Resolution is 640x480 sometimes 800x if i think i should play on.
      P.S.4 See my Video
      P.S.5 lol sorry too much P.S (s) ~ Download the video if you cant see it from HERE.
      Last edited by Groza; 14-06-18, 03:23 PM. Reason: Added P.S. 5
      What you expected here?


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        you not admit. are you sure you not cheat? okay your

        1. 01:00 > finish

        2. 0:50 > finish


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          i ii have no words even if thats me i cant believe that my cbug looks like that wtf!?
          Bro pls Check me again i upload my own video check it pls!
          also am not using auto-cbug i got banned wayyyy tooo many times and i DONT USE AUTO-CBUG! I Mother Swear Father Swear ! I GOD SWEAR Check me on the Test server pls! i dont use anything!@

          Edit: In Previous Ban by muaaz he i was given a video i lost the link but i remember that it was my Cbug! idk why only on Whole server only my cbug bullets always cant be seen or heard!

          Edit2: In my Video you can see the GTA SAMP Root folder + my cbug while fighting omfg!

          Edit3: on time 1:15 of your video
          1. 01:00 > finish
          You can see that i start Stucking down while cbugging wtf I CANT STILL BELIEVE WHY ON WHOLE GAMERX SV WHY ONLY MY SAMP BULLETS CANT BE SEEN OR HEARD!

          P.S. I am not home today i will make a video while dming from My side and from My opponents' Side so pls dont close this topic pls give me time of 1 day atleast i am sure i will give you a fresh video Tommorow.
          Last edited by Groza; 14-06-18, 04:10 PM.
          What you expected here?


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            i want unban i admit it i used it unban me i admit i used it i am noob i dont know cbug i used auto-cbug unban me i used it i used it i am Serious! I want unban i dont wanna lost GamerX pls unban me i used auto-cbug!
            What you expected here?


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              Temp ban : > 18/06/2018

              Edit : stay banned
              Last edited by BoL; 15-06-18, 08:23 AM.


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                Why the hell do you keep cheating?

                You don't care for GamerX at all.

                ​​​​​Stop treating admins like they are too dumb to know you are hacking.



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                  Originally posted by Dr.XenoN
                  Your First question's answer : I DIDNT' CHEATED AT ALL
                  Originally posted by Dr.XenoN View Post
                  i want unban i admit it i used it unban me i admit i used it i am noob i dont know cbug i used auto-cbug unban me i used it i used it i am Serious! I want unban i dont wanna lost GamerX pls unban me i used auto-cbug!


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                    Originally posted by DeclanIsKing View Post

                    You dont' know what it feels to lose something which you love thats why. (~_^)
                    What you expected here?


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                      This is not a jokes. You dont care anything us gave you. You just fuc*up all. Now no one chance to you

                      Stay Banned !



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                        Originally posted by BoL View Post
                        This is not a jokes. You dont care anything us gave you. You just fuc*up all. Now no one chance to you

                        Stay Banned !

                        nono nononononononon dont plss nooooooooooo i wont stay alive dont do it i just wanted to show something that was left. Yesterday i slept that i will be unbanned soon by you and didnt read the temp ban thing and posted the thing that was with me so sorry noo excuses i want unban pls! If you want as punishment delete my acc but dont ban me i will die! God pls noooo!

                        Edit: I beg to you and to whole gX admins pls dont do it i will die! Pls i lost everything i got nothing dont ban me or i will die! Its my life! Pls BoL i beg to you i aploized that i did very bad thing i wont do it i promise i swear! I god swear!

                        Forgive me pls BoL bro i wont do it again i self swear i god swear!! Errr plsssss bro iii am soooo sorry pls dont do it i will die!
                        Last edited by Groza; 15-06-18, 09:06 AM.
                        What you expected here?


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                          Last request to BoL and DeclanIsKing as you both were present admin in my ban appeal can you give me last chance and last unban to make some proofs? If the proofs that i will give to you wont prove that i dont use anything i will quit myself gaming on Gx and i will give any admin online at the moment to ban me.

                          Please dont denied my Last request
                          Hopeful thinking

                          Edit: Are my eyes damaged that much that i can see Account banned?: no.? ??

                          Am i unbanned? <3!
                          Last edited by Groza; 16-06-18, 10:33 AM.
                          What you expected here?


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                            What?! Again?! What i did now i was just playing removing every single thing i got!i was unbanned and was given a chance i used it fairly, playing fairly!

                            edit: pic:

                            why! i didnt used anything leaving that models in the screenshot of post ingame pictures and videos here even no sound mods!
                            Last edited by Groza; 16-06-18, 08:07 PM.
                            What you expected here?


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                              I don't know how many chances were given to you, but if admin BoL agrees we can unban you and set all your stats to 0. We did it with some old players and it they became good, so if it can works with you it would be cool.


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