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The_Dark_Evil's Ban Appeal

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  • [UNBANNED] The_Dark_Evil's Ban Appeal

    Your name ingame: The_Dark_Evil
    The time/date your ban occurred: 5/11/2018
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Ms.Lina
    The reason of the ban: rapid fire/auto c-bug
    Extra information you would like to add:
    First of all i got banned because of rapid fire and auto c bug by mrs lina
    i admit that i got the auto cbug but no rapid fire tbh
    i am sorry i deleted them now and i will be a good player from now on
    the reason of installing hacks was because of many hackers there i reported before and they got only kicked and some of them got nothing but i knew now that they may got ban like i took and i am sad to have a ban in GAMERX as i am an old player
    Sorry and please unban me
    i deleted those cheats now
    Last edited by Ms.Lina; 05-11-18, 11:08 AM.

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    This is the first and only time I'm giving you a chance. Temporary ban for 3 days. I hope you spend the quality time making sure that all the forbidden mods/cheats are deleted. I think you aren't that weak to use them.
    You can come back on 8th of November.


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      Thank You and i deleted all of the hacks i got


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