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  • Banned???

    Your name ingame: Kenneth
    Your IP address:
    The time/date your ban occurred: 15:4011/10/2013
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Coickid
    The reason of the ban:Vehicle Handling
    Extra information you would like to add: well, i was with SilentHill, i don't use handling D: i never use hacks, some months ago, an admin banned me for speed hack, and well, i don't used hack and i get ban idk what to say, i don't find it just

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    Last edited by Kenneth; 11-10-13, 10:17 PM.

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    If you can explain to me these things, then I'll listen, however You will stay banned if you cannot provide enough info.

    - Vehicle Turning was too exact
    - Recovering from being hit off the road with your Speed not reducing and your turning just below 45 degrees each time.
    - You vehicle was moving side to side without one single turn at points and managing to dodge between 8-10 vehicles in a bunch without touching a single vehicle.


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      Well, i think there were like more than 30+ racers and i've been playing with my laptop
      and playing around 15-30 fps plus my internet is bad. i wish you were watching me how i was
      playing like in that moment it lagged so hard and i just tried to run straight forward
      and dodging as much i could then i just got threw away from the road to the house where
      you can see in the screenshot. i honestly can't explain what you saw because, man im playing
      with like 15 fps when there are around 30+ cars plus the lagg.


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        So your then going to claim you have 15-30fps when you came 2nd in this race below which had around 5 people in it, with 15-30fps your most likely not going to come 2nd against people who have a much higher fps, It's possible but 40% out of 100% likely and the race for which I banned you, had no more than 10 people in it. 30 would have been a quarter of the server at the time and it is rare for that many to join a race with that amount of population on.

        [21:37:57] * Kenneth (ID:11) finished the race in second position!

        However I'm going to go and Unban you for now. Just a warning, if any admin catches you handling or anything. They may not be so nice to unban you..



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          Thank u bro, but i just didn't finished the race, whatch the picture i was in 4th position xDD whatever thank u


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