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  • [UNBANNED] Ban Appeal

    Your name ingame: LeonN
    The time/date your ban occurred: 30.01.2019
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Jovan
    The reason of the ban: aimbot toggling
    Extra information you would like to add: My friend Amel and me were fighting some guys at the /gc, and they were noobs, so I got easy kills on them, in one moment, I was shooting one guy with M4 and I killed him, second after that, I got banned, Reason: aimbot toggling. I even asked Jovan to TeamViewer my GTA files, and he said in this time you maybe even deleted them, and I didn't even use hacks, I play samp 24/7, that's the reason why I am playing really good, BTW. I am 18 and I am not so childish to use hacks. That's all from me.. It stays up on Jovan to decide what is going to happen to me...

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    You were told by Admin EviL_ to remove your aimbot already, you were suspicious to me for quite a long time until today.
    Your M4 shots were way too obvious today, however I couldn't record as I don't have any recording software currently.
    Temporarily banned until February 4th.

    EDIT: Unbanned.
    Last edited by Jovan; 04-02-19, 11:10 AM.


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