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[EVIL]ban appeal

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  • [UNBANNED] [EVIL]ban appeal

    Your name ingame: Mici
    The time/date your ban occurred: 2.2.2019
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Evil
    The reason of the ban:aimbot logging
    Extra information you would like to add: me event for G-K too pvp killed krrish kritical and evil banned me
    me no aimmed to new windoews go to teamviewert is my gta folder no cheating

    Originally posted by Toxic_Ro;

    * 1) Mici (IP:109.*.*.*) banned by Admin [7NA]Evil_ on 2019-02-02 13:22:25 for aimbot toggle
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    You have been doing it for months now other admins caught you using auto cbug and gave you alot of chances.

    Today you were reported multi times by several players for aimbot. I have seen it as well, None of your Uzi bullets missed while your target was running. i was specing u for like 10 minutes or more, and u didn't miss any bullet when you were killing players at event (funny dm), also i really wonder how could you kill everyone without missing ANY bullet and shooting other players without rotation ur player skin, you had obviously an aimbot,
    -I saw your aimbot toggling at G-K ctf too, your shots perfectly hits the target and sometimes you shoot without even aiming, also you can't even control your aimbot sometimes you were shooting your teammate since your aimbot was locked on him.

    - EDIT : Unbanned.
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