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  • [UNBANNED] Xtra

    Your name in-game: Xtra
    The time/date your ban occurred: Didn't Remember
    The name of the Admin that banned you: BreakDown[S] <3
    The reason of the ban: Using Fps-limit In Races
    Extra information you would like to add: I Just Hve To Say Sorry To BreakDown[S] He Trust On Me But I Break His Trust Always Who Makes Me Shameful And I Know It Will Be Difficult For You To Trust On Me Once Again But Swear This One Is My Last Chance In This Server If I Do It Again This Or Break Any Rules Of Your Server So U Can Freely To Banned Me Permanent

    Sorry BreakDown[S]
    Im Tired Now

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    Is it too hard to understand for you that you are not welcome here?
    You always evade your bans, you always use crappy hacks/cheats/mods to be "better" than others. You already had your answer.
    Stop it, we all are tired of you.
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      i know you did many things wrong in past but everyone deserve second chance so i decided to give u one last chance and this is final don't waste it ,If we ever caught you doing something wrong , then you will be out from here forever .


      hope I don't regret on my decision


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